Did You Ever Notice That Kid In You? Please Do

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Grown-up? That’s good!
Responsible? That’s great.
Matured enough? That’s truly amazing!
And childish? No?? But why though?

Listen to the fact.
You are not too old,
You are not supposed to be serious,
You are not supposed to be a decision-maker every time.
Yes, you are not!
You are still a kid and that’s it.
Do you ever notice that kid?
Please do!
From your precious day, take out an hour or more for that stupid kid who knows nothing but wants to know everything.
Who just seeks to try everything whatsoever.
That one kid who doesn’t care about opposite reactions.
That one kid who just reacts truly,
Either it’s sadness, sorrow, pain, grief, anger or its happiness, surprise, relief, joy, mercy.
That free, carefree kid!
For who, Action matters, Reaction doesn’t.
So please, take out some time and find that child within you,
Talk to that child, write for that child,
Paint for that child, eat for that child, dance or sing for that child or whatever you wish. Because, he has wishes, a lot many!
Please, Embrace your inner ‘child’. Because at the end of everything on that would be the constant creation that would stay not beside, but within you!

Ayushi (A child)

P.S: Please avoid the Grammar mistakes as it is by a child.

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