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Language Is No More A Barrier In Today’s Politics.

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With the general elections in a swing and the last phases approaching, there has been one thing in politics that demeaned everything: language. In today’s scenario, politicians have misinterpreted freedom of expression.

From the ruling party to the opposition, nobody has maintained the dignity of words they use for political campaigning. With the Election Commission becoming the watchdog for all politicians, they certainly are facing trouble with so many complaints. Every political party is busy targeting the other for misuse of language while each ends up doing the same thing. From the Prime Minister himself to the Congress President, each of them has been chained in the wings of the Election Commission.

In some cases, if they have received relief from the Commission, the court of the public is noting everything precisely as they head to vote. While we go down the lane of 2019 general elections, one thing will remain constant and that is disgracing people and religion. They are not only abusing each other but are abusing the society and religious sentiments of the citizens. From abusing the Prime Minister to disgracing a woman, everything has become normal for the political leaders.

Let’s take a look on some controversial comments this election season:

  • “Agar Congress, Samajwadi Party (SP), BSP ko Ali par vishwaas hai, toh humein bhi Bajrang Bali par vishwaas hai (If the Congress, the SP and the BSP have faith in Ali, then we too have faith in Bajrang Bali),” Yogi Adityanath said at an election meeting in Meerut.
  • “In western UP, where people of all communities live…in Saharanpur, Bareilly, where there is a huge Muslim population…I want to tell the Muslim community…don’t divide your votes…give it to the BSP, SP and RLD alliance,” Mayawati had said.
  • “For 10 years the person sucked the blood of Rampur, I held that person’s finger and brought the person to Rampur. I made her familiar with the streets of Rampur. I didn’t let anyone touch her. No dirty words were used. You made the person your representative for 10 years. Hindustan waalon, uskiasliyatsamajhne main aapko 17 baras lag gaye (understanding the person’s real face you took 17 years). I realised in 17 days that the underwear beneath is of the khaki colour,” said Azam Khan at a rally.
  • Now Narendra Modi has made a new law. He has made a new law for tribals (Adivasis) and written that the tribals can be shot dead. It is written in the law that tribals will be attacked, your land will be snatched, water will be snatched and now they say that tribals will be shot dead,” Rahul Gandhi said during the Madhya Pradesh rally.
  • “I want to tell the first-time voters: can your first vote be dedicated to the veer jawans (valiant soldiers) who carried out the air strike in Pakistan. Can your first vote be dedicated to the veer shaheed (brave martyrs) of Pulwama (terror attack), “Narendra Modi said.

Many such comments targeted towards religion and gender bias have prevailed in this scenario of general elections. Moreover, in the name of nationalism, the ruling party has also not failed to ask for votes in the name of the martyrs. In this fight between nationalism and justice, things with language have gone too far this time.

The leftover dignity of politics has also diminished from the public domain. From ChowkidaarChorHai to Chor Ki Biwi, personal comments and bad language has disgraced the ethics followed by many honorable politicians in the past. No matter who wins but the freedom for expression and speech has definitely lost massively this time.

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