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Republic Day, the facts you might not know about!!

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26th January marks the day when the nation stands united to celebrate our happening Republic day, that is when our constitution came into effect . The time when we all celebrate the essence of the unity in diversity and our rich cultural heritage.

As a respect to the republic of India, we are here to brief you about few facts that add those extra gems to the much celebrated day.

The first parade of Republic day was honored by the presence of President of Indonesia Dr. Sukarno as the chief guest.

In 1955, the parade took place the first time on the Rajpath and it had The Governor- General of Pakistan Malik Ghulam Mohammad as the guest.

7 cannons of Indian army, which are fired are known as “25- Ponders” and are used for the firing in 3 rounds. These were made in the year 1941.

The participants that perform in the parade, begin their practice by July the previous year and that continues for a month. Their practice is known to last for about a month. And participants have already practiced for 600 hours before performing on the 26th January formally.

Every army personnel participating passes through 4 levels of investigation to be ensured of not carrying any loaded live bullets.

First woman ,the contingent commander of all women Assam Rifle contingent Major Khushboo Kanwar in the march past on the 26th January .

Not only this, she has other reasons to make us proud too, she is a daughter of a bus conductor and hails from Jaipur and a mother too. She was a bright student back in her early life, and achieved everything by her sheer determination.

As a short message to all the youngsters she is often heard saying that people must take her life as an example , the way she completed her studies on scholarships and understood the value of discipline and dedication.

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