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The 6 Most Powerful Businesswoman You Must Know

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When we talk about women, we know they are the power-packed, multifarious, robust asset that is totally irrevocable. Be it any section of the society, from being a stay -at -home mom to the late-night worker at the office, we know they’ve proved their mettle all the way long. Talking about raising the bar of the particular business to make it come out as the topping the charts, the list is endless. Henceforth when Fortune India Magazine features such businesswoman, we are more than honored to bring a few in front of you.


62, Co-founder AZB and Partners

One of the best Corporate Lawyers in India, Mody is the master of her fierce negotiating skills. She is known to have topped the charts by closing the years biggest deals of Airtel on its Merger with Telenor Group and Schneider Electric for the acquisition of Larsen and Turbo’s electric and automation business. Masters from Havard Law School, she has the vast experience of working with a number of world’s top firms and Business tycoons. Often referred to as the problem solver, meticulous, thorough and result oriented, she is also known to be easily accessible. Continuously being recognized by Forbes, Fortune, Business Today, Financial express, and the winning number of awards, consequently knows no bounds.


65, Chairperson and MD, Biocon

If you see the Indian Biotechnology Sector on the Global Map, consider Kiran as one of the main reasons. She has been working with it past 4 decades. Occupying the name under the billionaire entrepreneur, she also the chairperson of the IIM Bangalore, India. She has been awarded the Othmer Gold Medal for her exceptional work and contribution in the fields of Science and Chemistry. Again being ranked among the top businesswoman by Fortune and Forbes, this lady is the pure epitome of true diligence, determination, and hard work.


59, Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise

Apollo hospitals, ever since Suneeta Reddy started working has seen exemplary growth. Its consolidated revenue grew 14% and the pharmacy business grew 18%. She brought in the first FDI into India’s healthcare and subsequently took the organization to the international equity market. Mostly known for her close involvement, hard work, patience and efforts to build the organization to become today as one of the sound healthcare options today.


59, Chairman and Managing Director (General Insurance Corporation of India)GIC Re

GIC Re-entered the league of top 10 Global reinsurers. This happened when she set a target goal to reach that spot and helped it’s market share to grow from 56% to 65% with a whopping increase in premium business from rupees 18,436 crores to rupees 41,799 crores. Yes, fellas! This lady made that large difference happen.


58, Chairman and CEO Tractors and Farm Equipment (TAFE)

This is a Chennai based firm and to tell you all, this the world’s THIRD largest tractor manufacturer in terms of volumes. It deals into farm machinery, diesel engine, batteries, plastic gears. Under her helm, she has been associated in making the acquisition with the very renowned Serbian tractor equipment brand. She is also known for her commitment to excellence for the organization. With an annual sale of 150,000 tractors in over 100 countries, the company has a net worth of more than $2.5 billion.


53, CEO, Standard of Chartered Bank, India

Emerging as the highest-ranking banker, and having the work experience of more than 2 decades with ICICI bank. She has been now working with Standard of Chartered Bank, India and continuously focusing on improving the financial conditions such as falling incomes, pushing retail sector, digital banking, etc. A gold medallist in Company Secretary and a very successful Chartered Accountant, she is no doubt the one every countries economy desires.

With a few out of the best, these women have surely proved that be it handling the household budget or the matter of nation’s economy, or a company to land on the global map, it’s all easy with sheer determination and hard work.

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