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Stephen Hawking


Today, the world will be mourning for Stephen Hawking, who wasn’t just a name in the world of science and cosmos, but a Cult. This man crossed the possibilities of what an average human mind could ever think. His unimaginable facts and hypothesis in relativity and physical cosmology changed the history of Physics. The cosmic genius who introduced various truths of universe to us humans is now united with it. 

Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking suffered from an early age disorder called as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease died today at the age of 76 early this morning.

The prodigy was a physicist, a cosmologist, author and director of research at the center of theoretical cosmology within the University of Cambridge. Stephen Hawking brought together ideologies on various fundamental fields of physical Theories: gravitation, cosmology, quantum theory, thermodynamics and information theory. He made the world acknowledge about the black hole radiations also known as Hawking Radiations. Most noteworthy is the fact that he had a deep knack for the universe and its unending revelations.

Stephen Hawking

His book BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME appeared on the British Sunday Times best seller for a record-breaking sale for 237 weeks. He has had his views on every aspect of common human life-like Religion, Politics , Philosophy and  on opportunities for human Race in the future.

Stephen Hawking

The awards and honors received by him are numerous and portray the highest references in the society . Hawking received the 2015  BBVA FOUNDATION FRONTIERS OF KNOWLEDGE AWARD in basic sciences and a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to science and british culture.

It was a blessing to have such a brain in this era of havoc. We are moving towards our own destruction and you were there at every step warning us. We can never have another Stephen Hawking ever. Respect and gratitude to you sir…

Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up. – Stephen Hawkings

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Purple Opinion

Not just this father’s day, pledge that you will always call your dad, visit him, however  busy you maybe.

Aishwarya Bhat




“If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!”

~ Rudyard Kipling

These wise words by  by the famous poet Rudyard Kipling may sound soothing, but what’s worth noticing are the pious and quintessential efforts that a father has put in for his child. And that’s something , apparently every father does for his kid.

Your superman!

To the girls and guys out  there, remember when he did all those magic tricks to entertain you during your childhood days? The times when he would, just like a superhero, do those super unimaginable things which were impossible for you then!

Years may have passed, he may not do  those things, but look in to his eyes! You will see the same spark of doing those unimaginable things to make your life more comfortable at this age, which again might be impossible for you at this age.

Every girl’s first love

Trust me, he can bring the  world under your feet! Just for your one little smile!

Remember the time he brought you your favorite Barbie doll, or your dress while he was going through an acute money crunch?

Maybe you were too little to know, maybe he won’t ever mention this, because for him your smile meant a million dollars and not those few unaffordable bucks that time!

Boy’s best friend

Guys might be forever on mamma’s side but when the time is hard, the manly support they need can only be fulfilled by the doting dads.

Be it the bicycling lessons or tips about how to crack the interviews, the scolding at some point or staying in discipline. Every sentence sings of his love and care. He notices everything, the way you are maturing and taking up the responsibilities of the family. Believe me, this makes him proud. So keep in mind stay loyal and take good and mature decisions. He sees his reflection in you.

Say to him that you love him!

Why flatter only moms now and then? Just tell him too that you love him. Although love always  cannot be expressed through words, but once a while texting him, asking him about his health, sending him flowers, greeting cards will add to his day, keep him ultimately happy. The only thing that must be taken care of is, it shouldn’t be made a formality. Be genuine.

Don’t be scared !

There comes a period when often the opinions do not match. And that is normal, happens at every home. But many times, children stop conversing with their fathers. This is the worst you can ever do!
The only way out is to understand their view-point  and explain your’s calmly. And for sure a way will come out.

But not talking will only worsen the condition. Trust me, he waited like hell to hear you speak for the first time. Don’t burden him more. He is your DAD.

For once just go to him and lay your head on his lap. Heaven is only here. Say that you love him, look into his eyes. He is living for you. Your PAA.

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Purple Opinion

The country couldn’t even get over the Unnao Rape Case, and Asifa left everybody dumbstruck, leaving us with a brutal humanity.





She cried, she wept and she must have shouted but probably her screams were not loud enough for the society to hear. Her name was Asifa Bano, a young innocent girl, just 8, experienced the most brutal death. A smiling girl who must have thought of life as a fairy tale saw the most disastrous phase of the society in those seven days. She lived in Rasana village, Kathua and belonged to a Nomadic Muslim Tribe. But at the end of the day, she was a child, an angel of God whom he loved the most. Let us just stop here and think, what was her crime that some inhumans kidnapped her, drugged each day, gang raped and then killed her. Is this why God created humanity to see this inhuman phase of man?


The sad part or let me say the irony is that it happened inside a temple. A temple? The place where we tend to worship Goddess Durga. That pure place was chosen to perform this act of brutality. Isn’t it shocking that some men who claimed themselves as “Hindu” by religion kidnapped a Muslim girl, took her to the temple and raped her for seven days. This, for a second, leaves me confused over a tornado of questions in my mind now.

The first question: We have seen man was never afraid of the law and order, for it felt he will either not be punished or punished after years. This increased his courage to commit crimes and stay all safe. But after this case, should we begin to realize that man now, is not even afraid of the Supreme Power that created him, God? For if he doesn’t feel guilty committing such a crime in a temple, he probably forgot that if spared on earth, he will have his judgement in front of the creator himself on The Judgment Day. Then, he won’t be spared for his deeds and the punishment would be irreplaceable.

The second question that troubles me even after me being a firm believer in God: God resides everywhere and temple is his home, the place where people worship him. If God is an eternal energy, an infinite truth then why couldn’t he save Asifa even when she was just there, near him? Why did God just weep and not send one of his angels to save the little girl? Why even after being the Supreme Power, God was so helpless this time? God is not differentiated by religion, all humans for him are his children. Kids especially are his favorite souls on earth. Then why, he allowed all this to happen for seven days and didn’t stop those men to defame humanity and that pure place of worship?

Even when irony has struck me, shaken me, I still believe that if not on earth, the skies and the creator of this world have sentenced those men to Hell. A punishment that will come to them at the right time and destroy them for killing an innocent child. The other criminals to this case are those people who are shouting in support of those accused men. How can anybody support those men who raped a child ? How can people say that she was a Muslim and the accused were Hindus so they need should be forgiven? Is this what our society is doing? Hiding crimes in the mask of Religious Riots? If the accused are criminals, even people in their support are for they have mistaken religion.. No religion justifies the rape of a girl and you just can’t rape a girl in the name of Hindu Muslim riots.

An incident that has left us with anger and sadness, I feel we couldn’t be fair to Asifa. She was one of us, our child, our sister, our daughter. What did we give her, seven days of pain and inhumanity? In the end I just wish to question God and my inner soul,

“God might have decided the punishment for those men. But, why is it that for the sake of punishing the wrong, an innocent pure soul was left to get slaughtered as a meat?”

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Purple Opinion


Aishwarya Bhat




Winnie Mandela, most commonly known as the ‘flawed heroine’ of South Africa, died at the age of 81.
Here are some facts you must know about this popular woman.

1.Winnie Mandela was born on September 26th,1936 and named Nomzamo Winifred Zanyiwe Madikizela.

2.Termed as “Mother of the nation”, she was an anti-apartheid icon who constantly supported the black majority. Winnie Mandela was ex-wife of Nelson Mandela. They remained together for 38 years, and later separated due to certain issues.

3. In 1955, she became the country’s first black social worker in a hospital, in Soweto township.
4. She suffered from several harassments, pain and assault in the prison. She eventually emerged as an influential African National Congress figure.

5. She even suffered a house arrest for long years. The struggle which her husband went through in 27 years in prison, gave her strength to fight against the whites.

6. She was found guilty and finned for kidnapping and murder of a youth by her bodyguards.
7. Later, in 1994 she donned the place of the deputy minister of arts,culture,science and tech, in nelson Mandela’s unity government.


President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday said -“In the face of exploitation, she was a champion of justice and equality.”

Though after few years her reputation became tainted legally as well as politically, yet her steadfast beliefs and good leadership quality made continuously alive in the hearts of millions.

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