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5 Awkward Confessions Of The Things You Did At Your Friend’s Home Without Their Knowledge


We all have friends with whom we are super comfortable. All our craziness and insane behaviour are known to them. Their homes become our second home while doing all the crazy stuff at their place tops our priority list. But sometimes we end up getting into such awkward situations that we even have to hide it from our best pals. Here are five awkward confessions of the things people did at their friend’s home without their knowledge:-



Have you ever had that urge to eat all the snacks offered to you at someone’s place but you just couldn’t? Well, why? Of course, because it robs you of your courteous image.

So, I was at my friend’s house and was hungry as hell. His family had all gone to meet some relatives. He went in to use the washroom and just then my hunger took over me. I couldn’t control it anymore so  I went over to his kitchen and ate all the snacks. It was after I finished all of it that the realization of my act dawned on me. Returning back to the room I pretended as if nothing happened. When my friend came back I told him that I have some urgent work to do and left his house as quickly as possible.
-Anonymous person



This happened when I visited my friend’s house for the first time. Let me tell you before that I am an over-enthusiastic and curious person. So, I was waiting for my friend in her drawing-room and there was this whole wall dedicated to antique items. In my curiosity, I went over to that wall and started examining all the pieces. Then happened the most dreadful moment of my life, I dropped one of the pieces and it shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. I was afraid and dazed. In haste, I picked up all the pieces hiding it inside my bag. I met my friend and left as fast as I could thinking whether they’ll ever notice the missing piece and most importantly will they know it was me?



My best friend loves PC games. He is mad about it and can go on for hours without a single break. One day he invited me over to hang out and have fun but all we were doing was just playing those stupid games (I’m not a big fan of PC games). I was frustrated and mad so as soon as I got the chance deleted his favourite game. Luckily, I got a call from home so I left without telling him anything though I would have loved to see his mad face.
-A person who doesn’t want to be named



This one’s going to be the weirdest confession ever. I was at my friend’s home to complete an assignment. Her mother gave us some fruits to eat. I was eating a banana and instead of throwing the peel in the dustbin I put it under the mattress with the intention of throwing it later in the desired place. When I reached back home it struck me that I forgot to throw away the peel. But it would have been more embarrassing to tell my friend about it now. So I just let it be.



I was really mad at my friend who lived just next to me. I wanted to do something to trouble her and my brain lit up with the brightest idea ever ‘I WILL PUNCTURE THE TYRE OF HER BICYCLE’. I secretly crept into her house where all the vehicles were and punctured the tyre. I decided to go a little overboard and punctured the tyre of the bike standing there too. I ran away from there just in time.
-A girl who doesn’t want to be named

We all have our share of awkward, embarrassing and funny experiences. No matter how sane a person is he can’t avoid these moments. So tell us which were the ones you could relate to and if you want you can share some of your experiences with us. We would love to hear from you.

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