5 Eco-Friendly Products That Millennials Are Loving In 2019

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In a very modern and experimenting world. Such as ours! A need for sustainability is one way to take care of our earth and moreover to increase its lifespan and make it a better place. To be honest a strange but a positive fact about millennials who are actually caring about the serious topics as global warming and breaking stereotypes. They have already begun their drive by adapting eco- friendly products into their daily lives and so can you!!!

Here are the top 5 eco-friendly products that millennials are loving in 2019!!

Eco-friendly phone cases.

At this very moment, there are more mobile phones than there are humans on earth and that alone is a very alarming amount of plastic being used and disposed of. If we add the amount of plastic used in accessories then we really do have a colossal problem!! But due to companies like pela, we can now use sustainable bioplastic cases. Hence more eco-friendly and sustainable!

Compostable cutlery.

The excessive usage of plastic in cutlery is really not a good idea. These are not very strong. They are mostly used once, such as in parties and BBQs. Honestly, the use of a compostable material like wood is the solution to the excessive use of plastic.

Wooden watches.

Now here is something really interesting! You must be thinking that a wooden watch does sound cool but it might be including cutting of trees! Well, you are wrong!! These watches by wewood are made from 100% recycled timber and can be from a variety of trees. Coffee tree, Indian Mahogany. You name it they got it.
In fact, they will plant a tree for every watch you buy! HOW COOL!!

Bamboo Iphone speakers

It is even cooler than it sounds. These speakers are made out of a fully grown bamboo plant and give an even more unique vibe and are definitely a great thing to have in your living area or by the fireplace!! Made by speakaboo these speakers are made by charity employing disadvantage workers!!
Which makes it even cooler.!!

Ball point pens made out of recycled plastic.

These pens made by pilot might be a situation changer against the number of plastic bottles all around the world!! So in a way by buying these pens you actually are helping in removing the plastic around the world!!

Being a millennial and supporting these cause to protect nature and our earth is nothing less than an act of humanity. Millennials in 2019 are smart and ready to break stereotypes. Who won’t love to break stereotypes while using cool products like those!!!

Written by: Anshul

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