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5 Interview Hacks That Will Help More Than Good Grades On Your Mark-Sheet


Let’s straighten things up. Skills don’t show up on a résumé, no matter how hard you try. There is no certification that can state how good your grasp is, or how efficient your command over something is.

Here’s a little point, you can take it to your grave. Recruiters don’t essentially recruit you for the glory you fill your résumé with. They screen you for the things that are written on their virtual résumé created especially for you. Period. Now if you fulfill the criteria on this boy, you are on fire!

So here is a close up on abstract documents that you need to bring with you if you are to stand a chance at nailing your interview.

Your impression decides your future in the company:

First-impression wordhazard

The first impression is immensely important, this is your primary goal. Everyone gives their best shot as the first shot. The next primary goal – Last impression is equally important. If you manage to convey your sincerity until the end, especially at the end, you have just won the game!

Beauty Sleep on the rocks!!:


What good can worry do for you? What best can you achieve by staying up late the night before an important interview?

It’s necessary to have a night’s sleep to wake up with high spirits, to show your thunder. A sleepless night equals a cranky interview. Your call.

Bring the original version of YOU:


Everyone else is taken, so why spend your time in being someone who isn’t even worth a shot? Just be YOU, believe in YOU, be everything that YOU are, and emit all the virtues that YOU have. Don’t present yourself as a second-hand pirated version of some person you worship. Be original. That’s it.

Clogged social media clogs your résumé:


Here’s a quick pro tip – A photo or status that is objectionable, offensive, censurable, obnoxious, displeasing, gross, and all the synonyms – this is where you face sure-shot rejection, if not before.

Interviewers have an annoying habit of going through personal stuff. If your profile conveys any of the above-stated-fancy-words, you’re screwed. So clean up the mess on your social media profiles and show a clean, neat person that you are.

Don’t feel the pressure, just go on a Date!:


Do everything that you would do on a date. Clean up nicely, arrive on time, talk perfectly and nicely, make interesting conversations during interrogations. Leave good impressions, show your flexibility and adjusting nature. Know when to be comic and when to be serious.

Treat it like a date, and everything will work out the way you planned.

Interviews are basically verbal exams, with one or more listeners. You can either break down or break it. So have faith in yourself, be brave, break the worry-habit, and create your own happiness.

Good Luck!


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