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5 Winter Gourmet Delights Lucknow offers!


Lucknow is situated on the bank of river Gomti. It is a city know for it’s ‘tehzeeb’ and is often called “Shiraz-i-Hind”. It is also known for its cuisine. Awadhi cuisine is famous all over the world. People visiting Lucknow from various places are filled with awe at the delicious delicacies served here. Be it tunday kebabi , biryani, malai makkhan or gajar ka halwa, each one of the dishes is sure to make one’s mouth water. Here are some of the delicacies that Awadh relishes during winters:

It’s not winter without Gajar ka Halwa


As soon as the winters start and the red carrot reaches the market, the streets and even the homes in Lucknow are filled with the aroma of this mouth-watering delicacy ingredient. The sweet smell fills the nostrils and increases the hunger of individuals. It is made using milk, sugar, ghee, dry fruits and most importantly the carrot. It is served hot and can even be preserved for eating later on. One cannot miss eating this toothsome delicacy.

Traditional yet a not to miss winter snack- Revri


It is yet another delicacy that attracts people towards it. It’s a specialty, that can be stored for months and be eaten still. In Summers the revri is made of sugar and in winters the revri made of jaggery is in high demand in the markets of Lucknow. When people from other cities visit Lucknow, they make it sure to take this delicacy to their home with them. Making it is a long process but in the end, it’s all worth it.

A very pink winter beverage- Kashmiri Chai


 This pink coloured tea is special in it’s own way. It’s a speciality that is not drunk but eaten. It is made using cloves, mace, nutmeg and other spices. The pink colour of this tea is due to saffron. It is in high demand during winters. It is topped with malai and served with a samosa. People have different arguments about this delicacy. Some say that the ‘nawabs’ of Lucknow invented it and some say that people from Kashmir brought it here. This never-ending argument will go on but if you are in Lucknow be sure not to miss this appetizing delicacy.

“Golden” Winter Dessert-  Sohan Halwa


 Another ‘halwa’ in the list. This is a special sweet of winters. It is made in pure ghee. It is made using cornflour, sugar, milk and dry fruits. The preparation for making it starts the day before. In Lucknow there are many shops which sell this sweet. This delicacy is worth a try and is sure to leave you spellbound.

The “Aerogel” of Lucknow-Malai Makkhan


 During winters you can hear many sellers selling this delicacy from streets to streets. The sound of ‘malai makkhan’ can be heard in the early chilly winter mornings.  It is a sweet snack made from milk cream. It is handmade in the morning. This is made by keeping the milk cream in the open overnight and whipped in the morning. It just melts in the mouth and no chocolate can ever compete with this delectable handmade delicacy.

So if you are in Lucknow especially during winters make it sure not to miss these mouthwatering delicacies and enjoy the rich cuisine of Lucknow which will leave you awestruck.

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