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7 fates in a relationship worse than a breakup


Ah, the cuddles and kisses we humans exchange with our partners! Those long talks and pleasant dates are probably the most beautiful reasons why humanity’s​ still intact. But all that glitters ain’t gold!!
Since there’s always a “but” behind every situation, it always dawns upon the human mind to separate the unfavorable from the favorable. Here are 7 fates in a relationship worse than a breakup:-


The ideal case never exists, and I guess it never will as far as the present generation is concerned with. From those “I won’t talk to you” monologues to “you never understand me” scenarios, both the genders offer a series of such overly complicated questions moulded out of simple situations, which at times is highly irritable and the best course of action remains unnoticed!



“All men are born equal!”

Well, we need to think again. The most simple yet frightening situation arises when your partner has some information about your behavior with the other gender. This often sparks off a heated debate about who is loyal to whom. The unnecessary over thinking ruins the atmosphere as you and your partner engage in a psychological warfare. And believe me, nothing’s​ more horrible than psychological warfare.


Apart from the “trust issues” you come across your partner. There’s a high chance of an unbalanced conversation. In fact, most men and women are taken aback by the once golden promises which now lie in a pool of tears (blood in some cases). So it would be wise to heed Cortana as even the AI said “Don’t make a girl a promise you can’t keep”.


Obviously the hardest thing in a relationship is to hide its existence from, yeah you guessed it right. The family! Partners often risk their lives to protect their relationship. A single mistake can result in a humiliating, physical and psychological defeat. And it’s no joke, people die.


It’s an obvious fact that once two people are in love, they surely will come across those who will ruin their relationship. As a matter of fact it does happen with the couples. A series of unfortunate events unfold as one single person fills the ears of one or both of the lovers with exaggerated points and out of context information. This in turn forms a cloud of mystery which looms over the heads of the couple. Quite dangerous though.


Anger only makes you hollow, perhaps it’s the only thing which creates distances between people. Having a short-tempered brain not only reduces your thinking ability, but in turn reduces the level of understanding you have with your partner. It often results in a heated argument which leads to…you know it.


Some hangovers never leave us. Likewise, previous relationship issues sometimes lay dormant. Your partner will ask you what the problem is but you would be torn between your present situation and your experience. This situation acts as a catalyst to the trust issue thing. It haunts the very existence of a relationship and hence sometimes turns out to be its doom.

Loving your partner while being honest and passionate, will always reward you with the best results.
These words aren’t just an extract from a romantic novel, but are the fundamental pillars upon which trust and lifelong relationships rest. There is always a way out of every problem you face. It’s all about your understanding and faith in yourself​ which really counts. After all, to love someone is a gift, which the lucky ones own.

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