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7 iconic firearms other than AK 47

Harsh Chaturvedi



Undoubtedly an AK is still an AK, when a 7.62 round tears through the flesh and shatters the bones, it’s a rare sight to see a man standing to see another day. Ever since the dawn of both the world wars, history has taught us that combat can be as far fetched as a sniper’s scope to a cluster hole as an SMG. Advancements in combat techniques aren’t possible without cutting edge weaponology, here are 7 weapons other than the iconic Kalashnikov that changed the face of combat:-

7. Glock 17

Glock 17

Glock 17

After the aftermath of World War 2 and the formation of UN, Austria had strict standards for induction of a new sidearm to replace the German Walther P38, Gaston Glock a polymer scientist was never a gun manufacturer or anywhere related to the firearms world, but amidst the rapidly increasing demands, he along with a team of camera parts manufacturers developed a sidearm using polymers. This in turn reduced both the cost and weight drastically, the weapon was sent for trials and came out undusted. Since then Glock has been a staple in sidearm market, with over 60 countries using it’s products, though there are many other variants from the Glock line of pistols but none of them can be as iconic as the Glock 17, it is highly customisable and is a favourite of law enforcement as well as military agencies.

6. M2 Browning HMG

M2 Browning HMG

M2 Browning HMG

John Browning, the legendary weapons designer dedicated his time and effort to produce a masterpiece of fine machinery which is still in use. The 50 Cal. M2 is a HMG (Heavy Machinegun) that fires 50BMG rounds, now these rounds mean serious business. Capable of tearing through lightly armoured vehicles and low flying aircrafts, the M2 is a versatile weapon. One notable fact is that the M2 is the smallest anti aircraft gun as well. Since it’s genesis in 1918 it is probably the oldest machinegun still present in service. Having seen the Second World War, the Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War, The War in Afghanistan, Mexican Drug War and countless conflicts, it is a battle tested weapon that stands the test of time. It’s a patriot that never grows old.




The quote “The right arm, for the free world” best suits the battle rifle, an unsung hero left to rust in those grizzly corners of war. FN, the creator of this weapon kept a peacekeeping formula of updating the free world from the older Bolt Action configured rifles such as the Enfield Mk3. to a flexible rifle that could switch between fire modes. It was a design ahead if it’s time, the primary rounds to be used were the experimental .208 British rounds but the Americans pushed for more power hence the .308 Winchester were used. The problem however was reported in it’s large frame and notorious weight. Even after being replaced nearly in a short span of time, it is still present in numerous countries with law enforcement agencies. FN FAL, is a man stopper, a weapon forgotten but still in operation.

4. MP40



The “Machinepistole 40” or the MP 40 was the premiere SMG (Sub Machinegun) used by Nazi Germany during the second world war, it’s stamped metal work made it reliable against all odds, after watching it’s inception in 1938, the weapon was used extensively by the paratroopers, squad leaders and tank crews. During the Battle of Stalingrad, the MP40 was the only thing keeping the Soviet army at bay as they charged with their PPSHs. The Allies however called this weapon “Schmeisser” although Hugo Schmeisser wasn’t involved in the development process. It used a telescopic firing pin which reduced the recoil significantly. Even after the Second World War, it still saw action in the Korean War and Vietnam War. This battle tested application was widely appreciated even by the Allies who captured them from surrendered or dead soldiers.

3. Colt M1911

Colt M1911

Colt M1911

Or probably known as Colt .45, is a sidearm which has been in service since 1911 and still continues to be a favourite of Special Forces, the 7 round box magazine contains .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) rounds which are subjected to comparisons with it’s notorious counterpart, the 9mm Parabellum round. During the trails in the early days of development, the weapon saw no jamming and successfully fired 6000 rounds hence becoming the primary sidearm of the US Army, it saw action in both the World Wars, Vietnam War, Korean War and still continues to serve well with law enforcement agencies. Although the weapon has been replaced from most of the units with Beretta M9, some Special Forces units still stick to this handy weapon. It is widely used in competitive shooting now a days. The M1911 is a classic in every way possible, a weapon that is too stubborn to die.

2. Gewehr 98

Gewehr 98

Gewehr 98

The Mauser Gewehr 98 was a state of the art weapon of it’s time, hitting the world in 1898, this 7.92×57mm bolt action rifle is the most widely copied and adopted design, one can see it’s relevance in other platforms like the Enfield, Springfield 03, Arisaka and many more. Though it saw usage until 1935, it’s shorter version Kar 98 or Karabiner 98K saw extensive usage in World War 2 and was the basic infantry weapon. It’s bolt cycle is smooth as butter and the accuracy is all time high. No wonder this weapon is an all time favourite of competitive marksmen as iron sights provide an effective range of 500m while optics might add another 300 to the former. The Gewehr 98 is a man stopper, a revolutionary weapon and an all time favourite.




Eugene Stoner’s masterpiece, the Armalite M16 is an assault rifle which works on a gas operates rotating bolt, it has seen extensive service in Vietnam War, Gulf War and still continues to serve well, though it has been replaced by it’s shorter version the M4A1, it was because of the M16s revolutionary design that many assault rifles to this day still incorporate. It is also the most used firearm after the AK 47. It can be tailored to the users needs, one can attach optical sights, flashlights, lasers, a pistol grip, extended magazines, suppressor, a bipod and even a bayonet. It’s the most flexible platform and is still in effective use today. Not to forget are it’s additional features like one can attach a M203 grenade launcher and a shotgun too. The M16 feeds on 5.56mm NATO rounds, the effective firing range is between 500 to 550m and can vary as per the optical foresights attached. It is a devastating weapon which can mould itself according to the surroundings. The M16 is a war veteran and surely will be till the end.

They say to feel something, you need to be there. Well in his case, he feels it well enough inside his grey matter. Versed in wars and thriller genres he can manage to portrayal of a soldier, a psychopath, and all the way back to a common guy who fights his inner demons every second. Get him in the mood and he'll spin a verse no matter what the circumstances might be because writing is his drug, which he doesn't want to escape.

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Cinematic Reviews

2 years and we still can’t get over the stunning Bajirao Mastani : A love story that is worth reminiscing.





Bajirao Mastani was an exotic and eternal love story that not only touched our hearts but remained there forever. A movie that was much awaited, it was truly a stunner with unique dialogues and extraordinary performances. The protagonists Ranveer Singh as Bajirao and Deepika Padukone as Mastani left everybody dumbstruck. Their performances reflected the depth of the characters so well that they became an asset to love and compassion.

On the other hand, the role of Priyanka Chopra as Kashi Bai and her sarcastic dialogues full of self-respect remain unmatched to the date. Every single artist performed with such excellence that nobody could deny the greatness of the script. Indeed, it was not just the script that was flawless.

Being a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, it had astonishing background sets, quick and heartwarming dialogues, expressive songs, energetic dances and most importantly, the perfect portrayal of characters. A story picked from the lost pages of history created history that is now eternal.










This is simply the tip of the iceberg. The intensity and demeanor of the dialogues made us review our take on love, life and eternity. They were beautifully written by Prakash Kapadia who and each line felt so pure. The music and dance received appreciation from both the audience and critics.

From Pinga to Deewani Mastani and from Mohe Rang Do Laal to Malhari, all of them were unique in their own creation. Where Deepika received laurels for her Mohe Rang Do Laal dance, Ranveer once again proved he was the power house of this industry with his Malhari dance. Also, Sanjay Leela Bhansali recreated the magic of Dola Re Dola from Devdas in the form of Pinga where Priyanka and Deepika were immensely praised.

A never-ending journey of excellence, Sanjay Leela Bhansali yet again proved as the master of beautiful sets, captivating costumes, eye-catching jewelry and flawless direction. The man who revived his films so beautifully made this masterpiece that will live in the history of cinema.

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Life Hacks

Time and again, M.S. Dhoni has proved that you should do what you love!

Aishwarya Bhat




Anything and everything about Mahendra Singh Dhoni is worthy enough to grab the attention of a million hearts. Be it his romantic life, professional inspiration or even his viral videos with his daughter Ziva, he is a doting Dad for sure. And on the account of MAHl’s birthday , we will try to summarize few stories about his much talked about Romantic life.

Even Dhoni had a hard time in earning her ‘Yes’:

dhoni and sakshi meeting

Dhoni and Sakshi first met at the Taj, Kolkata. And the meeting was set up by a close friend Yudhajit Dutta. What’s interesting here is that Sakshi never made an effort to impress him. It was only after Dhoni started conversing with her via texts after taking her number from Dutta that a new story started.
And it took a long time to woo her finally.

Ps. Both the families of Sakshi and Dhoni knew each other very well.

Dhoni’s first love:


And that’s pretty known by everyone. Priyanka Jha was the one that he fell for, and he has also remarked that, he still can never forget her. Her fatal accident resulted a cute, beautiful, loyal love story to end in the most disastrous way.

A husband every girl desires:


Dhoni, likes keeping his personal love life out of social sites. You will never hear any news about any sorts of fights or arguments. He believes in family time and keeps himself away from excessive exposure to glamour. And same can be seen from Sakshi’s side. She’s always seen acting just like a pillar support for him.

Dedicated he, Understanding she:


A perfect match! Isn’t it?
Dhoni openly says that till he plays cricket, Sakshi shall be on the number 3rd of his priorities. And the best thing is, Sakshi completely understands this and is always seen supporting for him and the team in the stands.

This perfect balance , helped in taking a major high in his career. After all, some genius said “Behind every successful man, there lies a hand of a woman!”

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Life Hacks

What Swami Vivekanand taught us 100 years ago, is today’s need of the hour!

Aishwarya Bhat



Swami Vivekananda Wordhazard

Swami Vivekananda is one of the most known and revered spiritual leaders. Today we pay homage to the one who’s an embodiment of youth, on his 116th death anniversary . He had an extremely dynamic personality and conquered the entire world through his ideals and beliefs. Books containing his teachings preach the humans worldwide and are quite popular among youth.
Depression , anger, self-doubt, lethargy are some main issues faced by the modern Indian youth. And you must amaze yourself by knowing that his teachings have already hinted the solutions for the above problems about an 100 years ago.

Lets go through some points:

Real birth!

Vivekanand Quotes


According to Swami ji , the real birth of an individual takes place only when he/she realizes the purpose of life. He categorized motiveless people as “walking-talking corpse”.
He always said, think of DOING something and not BECOMING something. In the process of doing something, you will definitely learn a lot.

Self confidence:

Vivekanand Quotes

He said “a person is an atheist who doesn’t believe in himself “.
He kept reminding people that nothing is impossible. The real problem is that we limit to know our capabilities.
Swami ji always believed that everything that is happening around us, be it positive or negative, gives us the opportunity to manifest the potential within.


Vivekanand Quotes

“To succeed, you must have tremendous perseverance, tremendous will. ‘I will drink the ocean’, says the persevering soul; ‘at my will mountains will crumble up’. Have that energy, that sort of will; work hard, and you will reach the goal.”
Dedication with discipline is the key to success. Follow and you will see it for yourself. Pursuing a challenge with utmost dedication is, indeed, a road to success for our youth.

Team work:

Vivekanand Quotes

For any organization to work effectively, efficient team work is necessary. While his visit to USA , he was greatly influenced by the way teams at different sectors worked there. He wanted that Indians must understand and carry this out in their lives.

Power is with us:

Vivekanand Quotes

“All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.”
We often blame our failures on other factors because they are not in our control but fail to look our own shortcomings. Time and again, people from around the world remind us that nothing can stop you from realizing your dream if you truly work hard for it. This is another self realization lesson which he often told to the youth.

“Whatever you think, that you will be. If you think yourselves weak, weak you will be; if you think yourselves strong, strong you will be.”

Yet another emphasis which he lay was over the fact of realizing our true potential.

Your thoughts make you. Beware. Think good. Be good.

In this rat race of making money and fame of the so-called “humans” or the only walking and talking corpse”, we must distinguish ourselves and get reassured of our real motto of living in this life. Take these points into your mind and try to lead a comparatively happier, successful, peaceful life.

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2 years and we still can’t get over the stunning Bajirao Mastani : A love story that is worth reminiscing.

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What Swami Vivekanand taught us 100 years ago, is today’s need of the hour!

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