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7 interesting facts about being a sniper


In the heat of an ongoing battle, a sniper can turn the tide. The silent hunter will always be on the lookout even if the enemy lives in the dilemma that nobody can dare touch their brethren. In the blink of an eye, the bullet gnaws through any vital organ, and a few seconds later the echoing gunshot sends chills down the enemy’s clan. While some claim to have taken lives on a daily basis on the battlefield, the sniper comes out when nobody else does.

It’s high time that we engage the enemy, adjust the sights and squeeze the trigger for 7 interesting facts about snipers:

Genesis of the sniper:


The word “Sniper” comes from the word “Snipe” or the common usage of the the verb “to snipe”. This term actually got attested in 1824 but the usage can be seen as far back as 1770s. Fun fact, the sniper word saw its genesis in the British India era. Before this term, the words “Sharpshooter” or “Marksman” were used among which the latter one is still relevant. Quite a history!

HVT down:


Usually, snipers aren’t seen messing around with every enemy on the battlefield. It’s because their missions aren’t the regular ‘breach and clear’ ones. Snipers are used for a wide variety of roles but the most prominent among them all is High-Value Target elimination or simply HVT elimination.

Other tricks:


A sniper is just like a magician, one moment the marksman might be there behind a tree or a bush and in the blink of an eye, poof! Snipers are trained to adapt according to the environment, that’s why they’re also called ghosts. Other feasts apart from HVT elimination include squad support, equipment sabotage, intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, etc. Now that’s one hell of a job profile.

Beat kill:


No, I’m not talking about snipers dancing to a beat drop back at the boot camp. Snipers are actually so patient that they can literally stay in the same position for hours, and in some extreme cases, even days. Their strict training enables them to shoot at the best opportunity possible, the trigger pull has to be smooth. They even learn how to shoot in between two consecutive hear beats as it provides the best window to take a shot. Breath control is also a very essential aspect of being a sniper.

Trajectory matters:


While in technical terms, a lot of things come into account while taking a long shot, but some of the interesting factors which come into play are wind speed, rifling twist, the distance between the marksman and the target, elevation, projected trajectory of the bullet and even Earth’s frickin rotation! A precise sniper knows all the elements and calculates the shot carefully. And then BANG!

The weapon of choice:


A good sniper becomes a devastating one if he/she is paired with the right instrument of warfare. Here, the weapon is a sniper rifle of course. Through the ages, technology has given us many marvels in terms of weaponology, and sniper rifles are a wonder. From a caliber as small as a 0.32 to an armor-piercing 0.50BMG behemoth, sniper rifles come in all shapes but definitely large sizes. Coupled with the sniper’s talent and voila! You have created the perfect instrument of warfare.



Since snipers are a force to be reckoned with, therefore having a few legends in the pages of history is no surprise as well. Great snipers like Simo Hayha (better known as White Death), Vasily Zaytsev, Rob Furlong (longest shot was taken at 2,430mtrs), Chris Kyle, Thomas Plunkett, etc have created history by achieving feasts which no other human has ever achieved before. Their service to their nation and paramount dedication towards duty has surely made them legends.


It’s true when they often say “one shot one kill, no luck pure skill”. A sniper proves this every now and then, cementing the element of fear into the enemy’s psyche. Like a ghost, the sniper closes in undetected, adjusts the sights onto the target, and drops another dead body onto the battlefield. A sniper surely knows how to deal with annoying elements without being seen. One can only see the flash if there is no suppressor on. But some targets aren’t even that lucky!

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