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It is beautifully quoted by Robert Frost, “Poetry is when an emotion has found it’s thought and the thought has found words.

Poetry has always been the most extraordinary combination of words, conveying the deepest truths of life with immense simplicity. Poems hold a very special place in the hearts of every person who cherishes literature. It is not just about the rhyming scheme that makes a poem special but the essence of emotions that it holds. As children, all of us have been taught to recite poems but poetry is something beyond recitation. Poems have their own world of imagination and a different definition to reality. As children, poems have been something that gave us pleasure and took us to a world where there were no barriers to happiness and freedom. Even today there are certain poems that hold a special place in our hearts because somewhere each line of that poem had struck a chord and taught something that no other lesson could have. We have recited those poems with joy as children and that has become one of the most beautiful memories of childhood. Walking, playing or eating, poems were always the best thing that we felt like singing all day, telling everyone how much we adored doing it. Poems were never confined in the school textbooks but have come along with us for the rest of our lives, being an eternal memory.

Let’s have a look on those 10 wonderful poems which have been in the favorite list and are still remembered line by line, being a medium to cherish those old school days.


William Wordsworth William Wordsworth

A beautiful piece of poetry by the well-known poet, William Wordsworth, has captivated the minds of its readers completely. A poem inspired from real life instances, it is a mesmerizing, imaginative description of the vast fields with beautiful flowers. It is also known as,” I wandered lonely as a cloud.” The poem has always topped the charts because of the touch of nature that it beholds. Children are always attracted to flowers and colors and this poem is perfect example for understanding the beauty of nature in the best possible combination of words. Expressing the essence of nature in words marks the reason this poem is eternal in the hearts of many.


Sarah Josepha Hale Sarah Josepha Hale

A nursery rhyme very innocently written by Sarah Josepha Hale is more of a fun filled song that everyone as a child may have recited. This has always been the first poem that was ever taught, and the innocence captivated our minds so efficiently that MARY AND HER LAMB became more than just imaginary character. The echoes of giggles and smiles that these lines have brought can be still heard and felt every moment.


John Taylor John Taylor

How can we just talk about the most memorable poems and not mention the favorite, Twinkle Twinkle. Not just a poem but an entire life beautifully crafted in words by John Taylor, it has been the most loved poem of all generations. Infants or adults, all love the concept of how stars have been personified as diamonds placed safely at the distant skies. The poem has been a connection between the two worlds; the world of reality and the world that existed beyond the blue sky.


Robert Louis Stevenson Robert Louis Stevenson

Shadow and children have a completely different relation that makes childhood memorable. A poem describing the innocent perception that a child forms about his shadow, is framed by the well-known poet Robert Louis Stevenson. The poem has always been the most humorous and entertaining explanation of a shadow with the ideology of a child who thinks his shadow is something huge, unstable and naughty. The lines express the most soothing emotions of a young child who never realizes the scientific outlook to a shadow but gives it an extraordinary personification of a friend.


Robert Frost Robert Frost

One of the most wonderful combinations of nature, life and death, this poem is written by the well-known poet Robert Frost. The poem somewhere touches a chord inside us because of its depiction of nature and life. The poet has very efficiently described the silence of nature and the darkness that the world gets wrapped into on a snowy evening. It is an unstoppable journey of life describing both light and dark phases. The snow demonstrates emotions and silence and leave an unexpected impact in the hearts of readers. At the end, it teaches us how life must go on in the desired direction without any unnecessary hurdles or distractions.


H.E Wilkinson H.E Wilkinson

As the name suggests, this poem is a complete bliss and an escape from the real world to the world of dreams. A world where everything is opposite to the reality but still seem more peaceful and calm, this poem has been penned by H.E Wilkinson. As children, we have believed and lived in the world of fairy tales where things were always happy and joyous. This poem is a complete package of magic and imagination, bringing together the innocence of children and the pleasure of living at a place where there are no rules.


Edward Lear Edward Lear

An ultimate crafting of words expressing the purest of emotions, love in the most simple and mesmerizing form, this poem has been written by Edward Lear. As children, marriage and love generally confines to dolls, princes and princesses. We have always thought of marriage where a prince charming arrives on a white horse to take his princess away but this poem breaks the barriers to defining love and make us all love the cute story of an owl and pussy cat. It is an amazing way to explain that love knows no boundries or conditions. In an exceptionally different way with two animals as the main characters, this poem perfectly defines love as the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Childhood is the most beautiful part of a person’s life and with poems like these it became even more wonderful. Poems that were not just lines but emotions that became a part of our lives forever. No matter how much we move ahead in life, when we think of childhood and school textbooks, the personification of stars and the journey to the dream land are always the best part. Poems are an eternal part of our lives and are somewhere a reason why we tend to respect literature and life at the same time. These poems have been a beautiful portrayal of art as well as the most important teachings of life: love, happiness and dreams.

Designed by: Prateek 

" Writing is like meditation where every word is the reflection of a refreshed soul." She's philosophical, emotional, an out of the box thinker with metaphors and irony as her favorite tools. A short height, grammar - friendly, graduation student whose thoughts take her beyond this world to a place she owns. A typical, modern day girl with a completely traditional style of writing, she believes that a good writer is the one who brings out the worst realities yet teaches how beautiful life can be. So, to all those people who don't want to read just Awesome Happy Drama it's time to gear up, observe, think and implement whatever you read or write.

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Art & Culture

The Chariots of Belief: The Spectacle that Rath Yatra is

Yashdeep Bajpai




As the parched sunburnt Earth is, now, drenched by the first showers of monsoon, the atmosphere satiate the sweet smell of the rejuvenation. In the month of Ashadh, the Lord comes out of the Sanctum Sanctorum to give the most coveted Darshana to his devotees.

The Car or Chariot Festival


The most important festival of Lord Jagannath which draws millions of devotees from around the country and different parts of the world to Puri in Odisha.It is also believed that those who take part in this festival are known to earn their passage to Heaven.

Snana Purnima


This festival begins on the day of Snana Purnima when the three deities, Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra take a prolonged bath. Post this bath, the deities retire for fifteen days and remain in isolation and no public worship is performed during this time.

The Gods come out


After the fifteen days of isolation, Jagganath, Balabhadra and Subhadra idols are mounted on their respective rathas, and so begins the Rath Yatra. It generally starts in the monsoon, and the thundering chariots amidst the rains are a sight to behold and give experience of a lifetime. In terms of gaiety and colour, it is unimaginable as Rath Yatra being second to any other festival.

Juggernaut’s Origins


It’s believed that the etymological origin of the English word Juggernaut derives from the Mega-sized Rathas. These three separate Rathas have separate features and sizes.

The chariot for Jagannath is about 45 feet high and takes about 2 months to build. The artists and painters of Puri decorate the cars with bright motifs and art.

Gundicha Temple


The Rathas are brought out to the Bada Danda and travel to the Shri Gundicha Temple where they stay for nine days.Thereafter, the deities again ride the chariots back to Shri Mandir in bahuda yatra.

Equality in Worship, ‘The sweeping Gajapati’


The most significant ritual associated with the Ratha-Yatra is the Chhera Pahara where the Gajapati King wears the outfit of a sweeper and sweeps all around the deities and chariots and sprinkle sandalwood water on the path. This signified that in the eyes of Lord Jagannath, there is no distinction between the powerful sovereign Gajapati and the most humble devotee. It is also seen in the main offering to the Lord the common rice cake consumed by everyone in Odisha,the Poda Pitha and no dainty stuff.

Intense Fervour and Deep Reverence

decoration rath yatra





The sacred journey of the Gods is highly revered by the masses but the highlight of this festival is undoubtedly the stupendous and gorgeous chariots which will take your breath away. In terms of splendor, devotion, grandeur and liveliness, it is one of the grandest and most memorable spectacles of India. The God of the people rides to give Darshana even to the underrated deprived, in his procession everyone is an equal participant, pulling the Rathas to the immortal culmination of devotion and fervor.

This Rath Yatra allows the human soul to be driven by the pure unconditional love for the Supreme and its creation, is a reminder of the Nature’s Cycle of change, as is with the World. Nothing is stationary, and is always moving and ever-expanding.

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Re-evolve as a Human: Qualities we have lost over time.

Shreya Mishra




Evolution happens at so many levels – physical, mental, spiritual or biological, then what is re-evolving? Over the years, people and their mentality have changed which is legit because experience changed and so did the society. However, did anyone ponder upon what is lost during the course of the change? May be, or maybe not , but the result
is destructive. On one hand we are technologically advanced but on the other hand, we have lost few core values. Some people may agree, some might differ, few might avoid, but the idea will definitely hit the cognition.


It is really great practically and intellectually at par with others but while undertaking it all, we have to keep our emotional quotient in the parallel tangent. While we are busy being successful, on top, ahead of the time, we are losing on peace and balance. Wars over money, food, land, people, states etc. have left us with nothing but urge to conquer everything. Be it any discourse job, academics, personal life; we feel incomplete, something is always missing – relaxation, trust, companion or home.

Let’s talk about present times where corruption, hatred, hostility, envy, lust etc. have taken over the human within us. No one is bereft of these flaws, neither are they oblivious about it. Strangely, knowingly or unknowingly, people have started embracing these flaws. One can never be perfect or ideal, but one can always try to be better than before.



One of the most beautiful parts about being a human is having patience. Unfortunately all over the world, people are losing this quality. We all heard this phrase, “Patience is the key to success”, well, indeed it is. A successful career, relationship, bond,companionship etc everything requires patience. With patience, comes the power of tolerance. It is not right to tolerate injustice but it is also not right to react impulsively. Patience gives you and the other, time and space to think about their actions, which in turn may or may not make them understand but it will give you the chance you need.



Sympathy might be artificial, empathy comes naturally. When we empathize with someone, we start living in their shoes. We start thinking about how we would feel or react and hence it helps us in understanding others better. Empathy followed by understanding and positive compromises helps in maintaining a healthy relationship.
Patience and empathy come hand in hand.



Truth might hurt, but it will always keep things clear and transparent between people. Honesty is a virtue which most of us don’t possess. Unfortunately that’s a bitter truth. With honesty comes loyalty, you’ll never lose anyone’s trust. It’s never easy to say and accept the truth but in long-term, it gives you clarity and a stable mind. No inhibitions, no fear and when you have nothing to hide, you come out as a bold and strong human.

These three qualities will lead to development of other qualities like -understanding, confidence, sympathy, humbleness etc. Humanity is at stake, try being a better version of your own self. This world will turn into something we all are striving for.

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Love, Life and Society through the lines of Piyush Mishra





Piyush Mishra is not just a singer or a lyricist, but a powerful human with an overall package of intellect, talent and emotions. He is a theatre and film actor, music director, lyricist, singer and scriptwriter. He is sensitive, observant, witty and intellectual.
His songs “Are ruk ja re bande”, “Husna”, “Aarambh hai Prachand” etc clearly shows his sensitivity towards human nature, functions of the world and how the society works. He is a graduate from National School of Drama.
He was born with the name of Priyakant Sharma but later on changed it to Piyush Mishra as a sign of rebellion against his authoritative aunt. He has worked for films like Gangs of Wasseypur, Ghajini, Lahore, Agneepath, and he has also performed in the shows like Coke studio, Bharat ek Khoj etc.

Here are 10 beautiful quotes and lines written by him that shows various emotions we all go through:

Piyush Mishra-1

Piyush Mishra-2

Piyush Mishra-3

Piyush Mishra-4

Piyush Mishra-5

Piyush Mishra-6

Piyush Mishra-7

Piyush Mishra 8

Piyush Mishra-9

Piyush Mishra-10



Read Also: Sahir Ludhianvi through the lens of time.

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