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It is beautifully quoted by Robert Frost, “Poetry is when an emotion has found it’s thought and the thought has found words.

Poetry has always been the most extraordinary combination of words, conveying the deepest truths of life with immense simplicity. Poems hold a very special place in the hearts of every person who cherishes literature. It is not just about the rhyming scheme that makes a poem special but the essence of emotions that it holds. As children, all of us have been taught to recite poems but poetry is something beyond recitation. Poems have their own world of imagination and a different definition to reality. As children, poems have been something that gave us pleasure and took us to a world where there were no barriers to happiness and freedom. Even today there are certain poems that hold a special place in our hearts because somewhere each line of that poem had struck a chord and taught something that no other lesson could have. We have recited those poems with joy as children and that has become one of the most beautiful memories of childhood. Walking, playing or eating, poems were always the best thing that we felt like singing all day, telling everyone how much we adored doing it. Poems were never confined in the school textbooks but have come along with us for the rest of our lives, being an eternal memory.

Let’s have a look on those 10 wonderful poems which have been in the favorite list and are still remembered line by line, being a medium to cherish those old school days.


William Wordsworth William Wordsworth

A beautiful piece of poetry by the well-known poet, William Wordsworth, has captivated the minds of its readers completely. A poem inspired from real life instances, it is a mesmerizing, imaginative description of the vast fields with beautiful flowers. It is also known as,” I wandered lonely as a cloud.” The poem has always topped the charts because of the touch of nature that it beholds. Children are always attracted to flowers and colors and this poem is perfect example for understanding the beauty of nature in the best possible combination of words. Expressing the essence of nature in words marks the reason this poem is eternal in the hearts of many.


Sarah Josepha Hale Sarah Josepha Hale

A nursery rhyme very innocently written by Sarah Josepha Hale is more of a fun filled song that everyone as a child may have recited. This has always been the first poem that was ever taught, and the innocence captivated our minds so efficiently that MARY AND HER LAMB became more than just imaginary character. The echoes of giggles and smiles that these lines have brought can be still heard and felt every moment.


John Taylor John Taylor

How can we just talk about the most memorable poems and not mention the favorite, Twinkle Twinkle. Not just a poem but an entire life beautifully crafted in words by John Taylor, it has been the most loved poem of all generations. Infants or adults, all love the concept of how stars have been personified as diamonds placed safely at the distant skies. The poem has been a connection between the two worlds; the world of reality and the world that existed beyond the blue sky.


Robert Louis Stevenson Robert Louis Stevenson

Shadow and children have a completely different relation that makes childhood memorable. A poem describing the innocent perception that a child forms about his shadow, is framed by the well-known poet Robert Louis Stevenson. The poem has always been the most humorous and entertaining explanation of a shadow with the ideology of a child who thinks his shadow is something huge, unstable and naughty. The lines express the most soothing emotions of a young child who never realizes the scientific outlook to a shadow but gives it an extraordinary personification of a friend.


Robert Frost Robert Frost

One of the most wonderful combinations of nature, life and death, this poem is written by the well-known poet Robert Frost. The poem somewhere touches a chord inside us because of its depiction of nature and life. The poet has very efficiently described the silence of nature and the darkness that the world gets wrapped into on a snowy evening. It is an unstoppable journey of life describing both light and dark phases. The snow demonstrates emotions and silence and leave an unexpected impact in the hearts of readers. At the end, it teaches us how life must go on in the desired direction without any unnecessary hurdles or distractions.


H.E Wilkinson H.E Wilkinson

As the name suggests, this poem is a complete bliss and an escape from the real world to the world of dreams. A world where everything is opposite to the reality but still seem more peaceful and calm, this poem has been penned by H.E Wilkinson. As children, we have believed and lived in the world of fairy tales where things were always happy and joyous. This poem is a complete package of magic and imagination, bringing together the innocence of children and the pleasure of living at a place where there are no rules.


Edward Lear Edward Lear

An ultimate crafting of words expressing the purest of emotions, love in the most simple and mesmerizing form, this poem has been written by Edward Lear. As children, marriage and love generally confines to dolls, princes and princesses. We have always thought of marriage where a prince charming arrives on a white horse to take his princess away but this poem breaks the barriers to defining love and make us all love the cute story of an owl and pussy cat. It is an amazing way to explain that love knows no boundries or conditions. In an exceptionally different way with two animals as the main characters, this poem perfectly defines love as the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Childhood is the most beautiful part of a person’s life and with poems like these it became even more wonderful. Poems that were not just lines but emotions that became a part of our lives forever. No matter how much we move ahead in life, when we think of childhood and school textbooks, the personification of stars and the journey to the dream land are always the best part. Poems are an eternal part of our lives and are somewhere a reason why we tend to respect literature and life at the same time. These poems have been a beautiful portrayal of art as well as the most important teachings of life: love, happiness and dreams.

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