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8 Harsh Realities of Corporate Life, They Never Told You!!


Office, desktop, PC, phone calls, screaming boss, sometimes and all-time screaming colleagues! The lethargic HR department and when salary not credited timely. Extra shifts and what not?

The early years of adulthood are the period when you finish your college and luckily join your dream company. As a fresher what we always think of is personal development, creativity, and growth! But the irony hits hard when once you join, you come across such realities of corporate life that leaves you totally shattered.

Consequently, to save you from getting shattered, we are here with some open realities of corporate life, read and understand them:

YOU, yes you can be replaced:

Corporate Life-1

Remember one golden saying! No matter how creative and talented you are, you can always be replaced! Hurts? Right? That’s a common thing that happens mostly in every office, people are replaced. All you have to do is, be cautious about your performance and your relations with your boss and employees.

Maintain a balance and distance between the aspects of personal and professional life:

Corporate Life-2

It is really advisable to not to indulge in any kind of gossip. It ruins the work environment. Moreover, it has the capability of ruining your job, mental peace.

YOU can never get used to it:

Corporate Life-3

After asking from several working employees at offices, what common statement I got is, no matter what, getting used to it nearly impossible, there will several things that will keep on dissatisfying you in your workplace. You just have to always adjust.

In the end, it will always be money:

Corporate Life-4

Its is very natural that for freshers, personal growth may the topping priority in his/her life, but what corporate life at the end teaches is, you will always look for money after a considerable amount of time.

The company never cares about your growth:

Corporate Life-5

Quite the normal, company and office will tend to make you realize that you need the company, rather than the company needs you. What you need to keep in mind is always work until you feel satisfactory about your personal work ethics and need at the present, your commitment and promises and if you are being credited for your work.


Corporate Life-6

No employee, I repeat, no employee however good he/she may be to you with any relation, will always hate you for excelling in office. Apparently, office politics is no way a myth fellas. It happens and many times does cost the job of people.

Credit, appreciation issues:

Corporate Life-7

Many times it will happen that what appreciation you deserve shall be very honorably given to someone who never did it. Don’t fret, you just have to be watchful about what happens around you.


Corporate Life-8

Conversing around, and that too mindful one is very necessary. It is important to make relations, but to an extent which helps you do accomplish your tasks in office efficiently. Again mind the gap between personal and professional life.

Easy when there are so many perks and things to be taken care of in an office, but the art of minding one’s business and carrying on the work should be taken care of.

Life may not seem that finding ones’ own business and not affecting oneself is the key. Till then hustle, work, enjoy and earn!!

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