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“A remarkable victory led by the unbreakable combination of BJP masterminds, Modi and Shah!!”


After more than 3 months of tireless campaigning and rallies, the 2019 Lok Sabha elections wrapped up with the phrase turning true: Modi Hai Toh Mumkin Hai. A remarkable victory, the NDA won 351 Lok Sabha seats with the UPA way behind at 93 seats only. What seemed a myth to the Opposition and doubt to the political analysts, BJP alone won 302 seats in the Lok Sabha general elections 2019. BJP alone has emerged as the single largest party with 21 seats more than what they had in 2014. Narendra Modi became the third Prime Minister after Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi to be elected for a consecutive Prime Ministerial term. The political analysts are still figuring out the reason for this massive win of the NDA. While some believe it is the magic of Brand Modi, others acknowledge that the economic development schemes for the poor went in favor of the ruling party. While many people raised the concerned of India developing into a Hindu Rashtra, it was clearly evident that the minorities including Muslims have voted for Modi wholeheartedly. What seemed to be a wave in their favor to the Opposition was actually an undercurrent resulting in the massive victory of BJP.


Speculations had that Uttar Pradesh will be a tough fight after the SP-BSP Mahagathbandhan but the results overturned unexpectedly. With the BJP taking 62 out of 80 seats in UP, the SP-BSP alliance could manage only 15 seats. Congress, on the other hand, could manage to retain only 1 seat of Rae Barelli after Rahul Gandhi losing the ancestral Amethi seat to Smriti Irani (BJP, MP). Similarly I many states, Congress was with zero seats and the BJP managed to gain 18 seats in West Bengal facing Mamta Banerjee in the eye. Let’s see what changed in the voting pattern and what further we expect from Modi:

  • It seemed that people voted for both the name and work of Prime Minister Modi but the winning factor became nationalism and the portrayal of a strong, decisive leader by him. The decisions took after Pulwama, Uri attacks and the faith he put in the Indian Army created an image of a fearless leader whose priority is the respect of the Indian National flag.
  • Uttar Pradesh that is known to vote on the basis of caste gave a shock to all vote bank calculations in the state. While everyone believed that SP-BSP alliance would be a competition to BJP on the basis of Yadav, Dalit and Muslim vote bank, the opposite happened after the counting. A message clearly came out that people are rising above caste and voting for what they feel helped them live a better life and also uplifted the country.
  • With a consecutive term for BJP, people expect something more from Modi when it comes to governance. They believe he deserved another term and that he will now work to curb the two major problems: unemployment and farmer distress. His promise of doubling the farmer income by 2022 will be closely watched by everyone across the country.
  • A much more furnished international image led to Modi’s immense fan following in the country. Also with Prime Minister Modi being bestowed with so many honors at the world forum, citizens could feel the feeling of national pride he brought. Citizens will expect to see India grow as an international power under his leadership again.
  • Economic stability will be required from the government in this term. The effects of demonetization and the decrease in investments have led to question marks on the economic management of the government. People have put faith in the government again needs more rigorous efforts.
  • Environmental management and water crisis will be the areas of utmost attention for the government. The water crisis is a problem facing the country in the eye and as per the BJP manifesto, it will be solved.
  • Terrorism and relations with Pakistan will again be on the top list. The government will not want to lose Kashmir and due to its growing importance in international politics, the pressure will be built on Pakistan to not support terrorists.
  • Solving and facing the Iran oil issue will be a challenge for the government. Iran is the third largest supplier of oil and not continuing those relations will definitely lead to rising in petrol and diesel prices in the country.

Endless issues but hopes of millions are clinched to one man: Shri Narendra Modi. Many people believe that he is the ultimate leader and only he can solve all their problems, making India an international power. In 2014, he came into power for people had rejected the Congress. In 2019, he comes with the positivity and hopes of people that he is the right choice. He comes with an image of leading a corruption free government. He comes with the smiles and tears of all those people who believe that if there is any politician who actually understands them it is Shri Narendra Modi. With hope comes immense responsibility and every citizen who voted for him somewhere knows he will fulfill his duty. Additionally, the Opposition needs to grow strong and rebuild itself in order to maintain the balance in the world’s largest democracy.

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