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A Session -For ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education

A Session -For ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education • Wordhazard • education 1

“The Mind is not a Vessel to be Filled,but a fire to be kindled.”
– Plutarch

Such a torch, borne by Torch Bearers for Education, the organisers of the Session “For Ensuring Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education” was held on 27th June,2018 at the SCERT Hall, Nishatganj, Lucknow. 17 CSO s came under the banner of  Behtar Shiksha Haq Abhiyaan to bring the importance of child education and female empowerment in the fore.
Representatives from various Gramya Sansthaans, SMC s and other societies working at the rural level attended the event and enriched it with their experiences. The discussion was about the need for the SMCs to gain empowerment and made more responsibility.

First Session


Mr. Anand Bolimera, Director of PHIA Foundation, stressed upon the fact that it is important for all the stakeholders to come together. The torchbearers lead and show the way and make it a network of various organizations working hand in hand towards betterment of Education in the impoverished and marginalized sections of the society. In his words,”Poverty is not the lack of income ,it is the lack of opportunities and power.”

Mr. Anand made people aware of the plight of the Musahar Tribe being the lowest on the literacy ladder.
He ascertained his belief that power in the partnership will build a platform that will be a bridge to fill the gap between the various shareholders.
Currently they are working in UP,MP,Bihar, Jharkhand and other states of the Hindi belt.


Mr. Prashant gave his inputs upon the issues of livelihood,social seclusion, serious issues of discrimination and the urgent need of promoting inclusion and equity,and how education actually lifts one from poverty.



Mr.Ritwik Patra,the representative from UNICEF,showed how Internet a source of unbiased,non discrimination quality education source available to all, accessible by all,and is changing lives.Other than that, the Jan Pahal Radio program run by them is doing wonders in various fields.



Dr.Sarvendra Singh, Director of Basic Education,made aware every one of the key accomplishments like increasing the SMC capacity, giving them proper infrastructure and grievance redressal,the Nayi Shuruaat Sehaj Shiksha Pariyojna and Har Bachha School Mein.

The great gender divide in the usage of Internet, being 28% women using it, was mitigated by the Google and Tata Trust initiative, The Internet Saathi. Already 5477 Internet Saathis are working with 32.86 Lakhs individuals.
Thousands of women are breaking the stereotypes and many examples demonstrate success stories about breaking social barriers and getting economically empowered.


Mrs. Renuka Tandon from FICCI FLO , stressed on the fact of attaching education with various talents and giving them a little something about various life skills,right from the childhood as it is the main time of learning various motor skills, thus honing their perspective about various careers to choose.

Second Session


The second session began with a very intriguing panel discussion where various persons from the industry presented their views about how they are the bringing changes. Bringing technology in education, putting QR code on books and thus associating more information about the subject to achieve more clarity, introducing various ingenious and creative methods into the teaching pedagogy, etc were hot shots.

Hence, it was an agreement by various agencies working together with their respective expertise to bring about the holistic development of children.

We hope to see the change soon.

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