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Summer House

A World so Bound!!


In a world where every person’s focus is centered towards mastering many different things that they proudly label as “multitasking”, I can’t help but feel alienated.

I feel deserted, like some misspelled word that at some point, will be detected and eliminated for good. I fell misread and misjudged, that someday I’ll be marked as a typo and erased away forever.

What is my mistake? Learning to stand for myself? For the people I adore and admire beyond any possible limit?

Loving someone means standing by them, giving them an assurance that you’ll never fall down and you won’t let them fall either. When you’re with each other, no matter what, you’ll always feel the strength of their presence.

I wonder if this world will ever witness the power that ‘Love’ possess, the beauty of it. So I read, just to lock my heart away in books, and vaporize my thoughts with a hope that one day, people will repent over their lost loves. They might fall a number of times, but never forget to stand up again. They never forget to love again.

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