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Anubhuti 2k19: SRMU’s annual fest was a big delight and here are the highlights


A whole lot of you might agree that February 2019 was a roller coaster!

For students of Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University, Lucknow hosting their three-day Annual Cultural Fest: Anubhuti 2k19, it was one big epic ride.
Luckily enough Wordhazard was a part of it and we’re here to tell the tale of its awesomeness!

Let’s dive straight into Highlights!

Myriad events:


Anubhuti commenced on an exhilarating note!

SRMU hosted multiple events including a special event which never happened before, a Faculty and Staff event. Gathering on the stage to share their talents, dance moves, stories and so much more the college staff totally stole the spotlight with the tricks they had up their sleeves! You never know what talent is hiding in plain sight in front of you but it’s commendable how SRMU managed to bring it out for so many of us to see.

Josh was high as throngs of students participated in events organized by clubs of SRMU. We got to witness participants walk in a flurry of dresses for the fashion walk organized by The Fashion Club a.k.a Razzmatazz. In the wake of events occurring on the border of our nation, the fashion walk had the theme of Patriotism to honour our army.

Amidst informal and formal events, the major ones took place on first two days of Anubhuti (25th and 26th February) including the first Open Mic in SRMU, creative writing, quizzes, and a superbly intriguing Mantra Antakshri by The Golden Pen (The Literary Club), photography competitions by Snapshot (the aptly named Photography Club), art competitions by SRI JAN (The Art Club), on stage acting competitions, street plays, and mime by Expressions (The Acting Club) and exceptionally high spirited, buzzing with energy dance competitions by Beat The Beats (The Dance Club). The victors won fairly without biasing and went home happy thus ending the first two days on happy notes.

The DANCE FACE OFF organized by MTV was especially hyped but much to the chagrin of our hosts the prize money was bagged by Amity in this competition.

Stars Spotted!


What’s a fest without celebrities!

The first celeb we all know from Roadies was Varun! On his Roadies Campus Tour, he interacted with the superbly hyped crowd.

Making you shove your worries somewhere back in your head and letting out your carefree, music-enjoying-self, Ramswaroopians had their guests waving their hands, dancing wildly and bobbing their heads to the powerful beats of DJ Terrazak on the night of 25th.

They say to save the best for the last and that’s exactly what Ramswaroopians did!

On the very last day, we witnessed the supremely melodious Harshdeep Kaur in all her soulful glory!

SRMU sure knows how to leave an impact.

With the campus looking delightful with cut-outs of our beloved cartoon characters, placards, paintings, lightings, and rather cool selfie points we all had our spirits rallied for Anubhuti 2K19! And how can we forget food!? The scrumptious, mouth-watering delicacies from famous Lucknawi food joints! Anubhuti had them all!

Apart from food, star nights and upbeat events, the ambience and free-spirited vibes of Anubhuti 2k19 are the reason you shouldn’t miss it. Ever.


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