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Around The World On A Meagre Budget

Around The World On A Meagre Budget • Wordhazard • budget 1

If you’re reading this, I’m gonna assume that you like many others dream of journeying amidst idyllic nature, tasting lip-smacking dishes, watching the sunset and wide open skies with the wind in your hair then uploading it all with different hashtags, #wanderlust maybe?
A little too clichéd for you to handle? Then maybe you want to travel like travelers do and look, learn, and capture what others don’t.

But my friend you forget, this is not a Zoya Akhtar movie and most of us don’t have enough money for luxurious travels. We understand traveling in today’s world is way too expensive but worry not for Wordhazard is here with solutions to some of your problems, especially the budget dilemma.
We got you covered fam!

Traveler’s Guide to the World:


One of the major problems in traveling is transportation. If you’re not too uppity-up, hitchhiking might work as a good option for exploring places and travel not-too-excruciatingly-long distances. It’s not rare in many places but you can never be too cautious so always be sure of the routes.

However here are some other tips:

1. Some sites offer some really attractive discounts for students, make sure to use them to your advantage. Check out for cheap flights. You can use Skyscanner to search for the cheapest flights available for your destination.
2. If you’re going to travel by train it’ll be great to check out for some rail passes.
3. Take walking tours while exploring cities. Just be sure to get up on time as many tours begin early in the morning. Use local transportations like rickshaws or use bicycles if you can get one, to understand the routes.
4. If you’re traveling alone you can also find your way to your destination by working in exchange for transportation. Become a cook or offer your services as a waiter on a ship and cruise along with other travelers for free.

So long, and thanks for letting me stay! :

One word: Pre-book.

If you want to live in a hotel, it’s wise to pre-book your stay. You can get ridiculously amazing discounts you never imagined of. But in most cases, what looked like a 3-star on-screen turns out to be a shady hotel which makes your nose automatically scrunch up with disgust. In that case, you can stay at hostels. At least you’ll be with other people who’re traveling the city just like you and you can make your own food thus saving some money. Hostels are similar to college dormitories and if you’re traveling with your squad, it’s a great, safe choice! Plus inexpensive too! Try searching for some hostels on HostelBookers and Hostelworld.

Another rather daring and interesting option is crashing at a total stranger’s place for free! The sheer thought might chill your bones but these strangers aren’t psychopathic serial killers, they have been verified members on Couchsurfing. This site allows you to stay at a local person’s house while traveling in exchange for reviews.

But above all, if you happen to have your friends, relatives or anyone who remembers your birthday, ask them if you can stay with them for a few nights. Worth a try no?

Food, Money, and Everything:

Money Management

The main problem is, of course, money management. Here are some clever ways to manage your money:

1. You can get travel credit cards. Most travelers recommend Chase Sapphire which allows you to earn points for every dollar you spend. You can exchange those points for another trip.
2. While traveling you can do some jobs. A bit of tinkering, or helping locals with some tasks, or even photograph other tourists in exchange for money. It won’t be a large amount but enough to get you by in case you’re totally broke.
3. It’s better to eat at local places with local people. Sometimes their connections benefit you in terms of money.
4. Pre-plan obvious things like how much you should spend in one day.
5. Get an International Phone Plan for your mobile to avoid other expenses.
6. Buy less unnecessary things. Carry your own torch, extra battery for your cell phone and camera, meds, on-the-go-utensil-kit, and toiletries. Equip your phone with useful apps which can assist you while traveling and get you coupons for eateries.

Mostly Harmless Advice:

Travel Tips

Before you take your backpack and hit the road here are some pieces of advice you might as well take:

1. Be thoroughly informed of the place you’re visiting. We all know how deceptive people can be. It’s better to dupe them before they con you. It’ll be safe for you to swear by the maps and not hesitate to speak confidently. Might as well know the name of certain authorities of the area to avoid traps. Just saying.
2. Use some local slangs to immediately connect with the hoi-polloi and get them to show you places you wouldn’t have gone by yourself and taste incredible dishes you never knew of.
3. Learn! Take notes from other travelers and how they tackled adverse situations.

If you noticed the ridiculous wordplay I did with the Hitchhiker series here, I’m going to guess you already love adventures. You don’t have to be insanely loaded to live your adventurous travel dreams. A normal budget, good communication skills and a hefty amount of common sense are enough for you to survive through a trip and learn so much more than you ever could. Pack your bags and don’t forget your towel. Bon Voyage!


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