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The country couldn’t even get over the Unnao Rape Case, and Asifa left everybody dumbstruck, leaving us with a brutal humanity.


She cried, she wept and she must have shouted but probably her screams were not loud enough for the society to hear. Her name was Asifa Bano, a young innocent girl, just 8, experienced the most brutal death. A smiling girl who must have thought of life as a fairy tale saw the most disastrous phase of the society in those seven days. She lived in Rasana village, Kathua and belonged to a Nomadic Muslim Tribe. But at the end of the day, she was a child, an angel of God whom he loved the most. Let us just stop here and think, what was her crime that some inhumans kidnapped her, drugged each day, gang raped and then killed her. Is this why God created humanity to see this inhuman phase of man?


The sad part or let me say the irony is that it happened inside a temple. A temple? The place where we tend to worship Goddess Durga. That pure place was chosen to perform this act of brutality. Isn’t it shocking that some men who claimed themselves as “Hindu” by religion kidnapped a Muslim girl, took her to the temple and raped her for seven days. This, for a second, leaves me confused over a tornado of questions in my mind now.

The first question: We have seen man was never afraid of the law and order, for it felt he will either not be punished or punished after years. This increased his courage to commit crimes and stay all safe. But after this case, should we begin to realize that man now, is not even afraid of the Supreme Power that created him, God? For if he doesn’t feel guilty committing such a crime in a temple, he probably forgot that if spared on earth, he will have his judgement in front of the creator himself on The Judgment Day. Then, he won’t be spared for his deeds and the punishment would be irreplaceable.

The second question that troubles me even after me being a firm believer in God: God resides everywhere and temple is his home, the place where people worship him. If God is an eternal energy, an infinite truth then why couldn’t he save Asifa even when she was just there, near him? Why did God just weep and not send one of his angels to save the little girl? Why even after being the Supreme Power, God was so helpless this time? God is not differentiated by religion, all humans for him are his children. Kids especially are his favorite souls on earth. Then why, he allowed all this to happen for seven days and didn’t stop those men to defame humanity and that pure place of worship?

Even when irony has struck me, shaken me, I still believe that if not on earth, the skies and the creator of this world have sentenced those men to Hell. A punishment that will come to them at the right time and destroy them for killing an innocent child. The other criminals to this case are those people who are shouting in support of those accused men. How can anybody support those men who raped a child ? How can people say that she was a Muslim and the accused were Hindus so they need should be forgiven? Is this what our society is doing? Hiding crimes in the mask of Religious Riots? If the accused are criminals, even people in their support are for they have mistaken religion.. No religion justifies the rape of a girl and you just can’t rape a girl in the name of Hindu Muslim riots.

An incident that has left us with anger and sadness, I feel we couldn’t be fair to Asifa. She was one of us, our child, our sister, our daughter. What did we give her, seven days of pain and inhumanity? In the end I just wish to question God and my inner soul,

“God might have decided the punishment for those men. But, why is it that for the sake of punishing the wrong, an innocent pure soul was left to get slaughtered as a meat?”

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" Writing is like meditation where every word is the reflection of a refreshed soul." She's philosophical, emotional, an out of the box thinker with metaphors and irony as her favorite tools. A short height, grammar - friendly, graduation student whose thoughts take her beyond this world to a place she owns. A typical, modern day girl with a completely traditional style of writing, she believes that a good writer is the one who brings out the worst realities yet teaches how beautiful life can be. So, to all those people who don't want to read just Awesome Happy Drama it's time to gear up, observe, think and implement whatever you read or write.
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