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Balakot: Laser guided revenge

Balakot: Laser guided revenge • Wordhazard • balakot 1

On February 14th 2019, India saw one of the worst attacks on the military forces ever since Uri.
With 40 plus names in the casualty list, the martyred souls left the nation in a state of anger and sorrow. Social media got bombed with anti-Pakistan sentiments and prayers for the ones who laid their lives for the security of this nation.


While everyone back home demanded a retaliation, COIN operations started the cleansing process of Kashmir valley, the ones being cleaned were none other than terrorists hiding behind the government protection of our “friendly neighborhood”, Pakistan. Tensions between both the states rose to a high pitch, while some stated the possibility of a full-scale war, some started attacking the Pakistani cyberspace with major cyber attacks. The results of which were fruitful.

Amidst the chaos and bloodshed, Indian defense forces began to search and destroy operations, we lost brave souls on the battlefield again. While the mastermind behind the Pulwama attack Abdul Rasheed Ghazi saw his last day recently in an encounter with the security forces, the bigger picture still lacked the element of revenge.


It was until the early morning hours of February 26, 2019, when the Indian Air Force finally served the best revenge dish ever, and believe us, it was bloody cold. At 0331 hours (3:31 am) IST, 2 squadrons comprising of 12 Mirage-2000 fighters took off from Gwalior air base and delivered the payback in the form of laser-guided bombs. The 1000 kg revenge meal was served by 1 st and 7th squadron while an additional squadron of SU 30-MK(I)s was providing close air cover to the bombers. Apart from that, an IAF AEW & C aircraft coordinated the pre-emptive air strike. Oh, and if someone wants to ask about the fuel consumption then an IAF mid-air refueling tanker took off from Agra at the same time as the fighters.

The hellfire from the laser-guided bombs obliterated nearly 350 terrorists who were taking a sound nap inside their new resort, the Balakot training camp. This new “5 star” like resort had housed the terrorists some few days back after the Pulwama attack. Intelligence reports suggest the fact that these terrorists were shifted in the event of further planning and suicide attacks. But, as far as the “5-star” arrangement is concerned, well, they all got the stars they deserved (obviously a Black Hole).


It wouldn’t be a new thing for Pakistan to say that these attacks never happened but the truth always has a habit of sneaking up from behind. Indian Airforce has once again proved its mettle by engaging deep behind enemy lines after a long pause since 1971. The revenge has been considered a bold statement against the terrorist forces, and it surely will be applauded by the ones who understand the reason behind it.

Till then, Jai Hind and have a nice day.

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