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These casltes across Europe are a must in your travel list.

These casltes across Europe are a must in your travel list. • Wordhazard • castle 1

What comes into your mind when you see the word ‘ castle’?
A holy deluxe, a defense scraper, an army’s retreat, or a royal family’s feast? Sweet like ambrosia? Peace-loving like Eirene? Untamed war-god Ares? Or Aphrodite’s call to love?

A castle is a small universe in its own. No metaphor can do justice to the tidings they have seen. Their walls reek of love and pain, sweat and bloodstream, songs and screams, massacres, maybe even dreams.

Yet, they somehow remind us of our history, our roots, our origin. They show how we are built of dust, and eventually will fall back to dust.
So below here are a few ‘live’ castles and a brief report on how they are doing today.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


One of the beautiful, outstanding, and greatly built called across the world, this is located in Bavarian Alps in Germany. Built between 1869 and 1886, an interesting fact about this castle is that Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle is an imitation of it, but the replica doesn’t even get close to the original fortress!

Château de Chambord, France


Situated in the middle of a park surrounded by forest, Château de Chambord is one of the hugest and most impressive castles in French Loot Valley. Let’s talk about its architecture. Exceptionally multiple numbers of towers, pointed domes, high ceilings, grandeur capstones, and a stupefying river-view.
What a beauty!

Malbork Castle, Poland


Malbork is the world’s largest brick castle. Located in Malbork town of northern Poland, it is a classic epitome of a medieval fortress.
Traits? Largest castle of the Gothic period, and one of Europe’s most august castles and if that’s not enough, then — ‘the largest pile of bricks north to the Alps.’

Kronborg Castle, Denmark


To be or not to be?
A short train ride from Copenhagen leads to the historic castle where Shakespeare’s Hamlet resides. Kronborg castle in Denmark is not a forte ordinario — it is home to the Prince of Denmark, Hamlet.
Helsingor town (known as Elsinore in Hamlet) has a soporific aura bt a literary nerd prefers cryptic walks in the town.
I mean, what could be more intriguing than treading the grounds that ghost of Hamlet’s father haunts !!

Château de la Bretesche, France


What could you possibly want more when you’re not sleeping anymore? A walk under the bright sun, a clear sky with no signs of rain, a clean pond with muttering ducks, all situated at the foot of a castle? Or maybe, a long daze at the heavy rain showers in the puddle down the long window-glass of a castle?

Located in Brière, Missillac, Castle of Bretesche stands aloof from the village, at the foot of a pond edged by the Bretesche forest. A place of noble meeting, it has been transformed into a lavish hotel with a starred restaurant and a golf course
What a LUXURY!

Windsor Castle, England


This, more than 1000 years old, the castle is brimming with British history. This wonderfully-preserved castle sits in the center of Windsor town and is worth a sunny day-trip from London. This is one of the lavishly inhabited castles across Europe. An example from recent is the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that took place at Windsor Castle and made it to the top of headlines.
It is Queen’s official residence and her favorite weekend pleasantry.

Everything here is so royal!

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