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Best Friends Forever !!


To my lovelies — Time and Distance,

I take upon this stance to apologize to you for defeating you. You took an era to fade ‘us’ away but ‘we’ took just a day to rise from the ashes, despite your constant efforts, if I may add.
I acknowledge your authority, that your influence is quite powerful. Your consistency to wither our past was dreadful and alarming, but this girl — this wonderful person fortified ‘us’ to break your shackles and host a reunion as epic as the ‘Ram Bharat Milan’ !!
I would like to remind you that our bond doesn’t need seldom visits, or cheesy conversations to flourish. We are the birdies who donot believe in posing for cover pages,  or uploading selfies with a boatload of makeup and perfect pouts. Yes, we exist!
We live by reminiscing over our little (3-4 hours long) phone calls filled with crap, over the school memories and childhood crush, over the vociferous laughter for the sulliest reason, over the ‘goodbyes’ with a smile and a promise to meet again. We endeavor to contain perfectly, all our imperfections. Yes, we exist!
So you see, we have bested you in every respect. I know it’s harsh and it makes you envy us, but let’s face it. You are merely a physical quantity that can never measure our relationship. You provoke us to grow stronger, which can’t be helped.
Love and Hate,
Best friends forever.

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