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Best Ice cream parlors in Lucknow you wouldn’t want to miss !


“Seductive spirits I hold” , said the inviting ice-cream with a beautiful brew.
“How deliciously I stand in the lovely frame till, I adieu?
Melting my caramel heart in a remnant pool of slush.
I spy, with my Hazelnut eyes, liquoring the saliva of lust.”

Confectionery Lucknow” is incomplete without the enticing flavors of ice-cream. Our city has shades in its ‘first sticky love’ in the form of the gelato. Lucknow’s craziest obsession, either in the shivering winters or the scorching summers, is ice-cream forever. Enchanting rainbowed seasons metaphor some super cool ice-cream parlous.

Frozen Junction
(Freezing LIVE)

The art of perfect ice-cream drops here in the chilling ice cream rolls. Crème burley allures most authentic taste.

The Royal Bite
(Sharing a bite)

The butterscotch cupcake fuzzed with the sauterne butter is especially itemed to spread the sugar of innocence here.

Gazal Cool Corner
(Kissing ice cream site)

Here you will probably find the medicine for heartbreaking affiliations. The best solution to all the depression is the creamy velvety mixture of grace. Because, every bite has a lovely taste.

Go Go ice-cream Corner
(Caramel melting point)

Go Go ice-cream Corner-lucknow-wordhazard
The frozen yogurt and the custards along with the beauty of shakes are the thrilling part of this place. It shivers a part of glowing excitement here.

Prakash Kulfi
( Trending old)

When I get started , I scoff the tub ! As, after tired with shopping all day, a spoon of the ‘Prakash Kulfi’ at Aminabad is the reason to smile of all the gummies which sprinkles the taste.

Fix your next treat among these best confectionery ice-cream parlours and enjoy the sweetest ride of Lucknow’s Peace.

Give your tongue a crispy roll and kiss over the creamy ice-cream cone.

Let the lip-color change from strawberry pink to chocolate-brown.

Cherry red or black current are the attire of the ice-cream crown.

Freeze some joy together and let’s meet the “Lucknow’s best friend forever.”

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