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Lucknow: The ‘mast’ man is here with the best compilation of his humor. Get ready for a ‘Biswa coaster’ ride this 10th of August.

“Audience is God’s gift and, I work hard to keep up with them as long as I’m alive.”

Biswa Kalyan Rath is such a beauty! A sulky engineer and a multilingual thinker, an inspirational figure and a stand-up comedian, Biswa has played every role with pride. Actually, he’s more than just a commoner. 

Biswa’s early life was no less than a Columbus ride!

He graduated from IIT Kharagpur in Biotechnology, but humbly accepted that he was never acquainted with his major. On one of his social media accounts, he wrote that his CGPA was hopeless, he started with a 15k job, switched many work fields, even fought depression! 

He didn’t give up though. Worked hard, took up challenges, and look where he is today!

We love this man :’)

As weird as Biswa?


He is just so cool that people love him and hate him, but can’t just stay away from him. They’ve even created similes to honor him through figures of speech. This is huge!

His friends have confessed on social media that Biswa fought with his teachers and sided with his friends, given that they were right of course! 

Insults, deep insults. Even more insults.

A die-hard Biswa fan is crazy about the trademark ‘Biswa insults.’ There is no one, absolutely no one who didn’t face roasting at the hands of this man! He has some real talent for insulting others with such intense wits that it doesn’t seem like an insult anymore. 


Aye tatti, tera naam kya hai-biswa









active food biswa


uncles biswa

life lemmon biswa

9 to 5 job hai biswa

knight armor biswa

We’ll be afraid that the world can meet its doom but Biswa’s take on doomsday will make us roar with laughter. He can outrun God in a conversation to make his word as final. That’s the ‘Biswa charm’ that Lucknow will soon be absorbed in.

The Punchliners are bringing Biswa in our lovely Lucknow on this 10th August. He always has a different take on different places. Let’s see how this Mast Aadmi will spot the city of Nawabs.

Don’t wait and purchase the tickets or DM us for details. See You there!

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