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Most Bizzare and outrageous spendings of billionaires


Billionaires, fancy as it sounds, fancier is the way these extraordinarily, good-fate gifted people spend their money on. Outrageous, appalling, anything you name it, below listed few will surely leave you awestruck at their ritual of spending money to a level that drops the jaw of the one who looks at and makes the listeners say WTF!

Let us spend some of our TIME to have a look at: 8  MOST OUTRAGEOUS WAYS SUPER RICH SPEND THEIR MONEY.

1. The $ 4,00,000 PIGEON


You might have heard about bidding on race horses. Don’t you? Well actually biddings on Pigeons race is also a way to try your luck and this madness took a Chinese buyer to the urge of spending his $ 4,00,000 on a special breed of pigeon.

But for the worst to happen he lost the race and shot the pigeon.

2. $11 Million Watch


Some noble person once said that “TIME IS MONEY” maybe it would be knowing about Patek Phillip he actually wouldn’t have said so.

The talk is of the whopping amount of 11 Million dollars 1943 Patek Phillip REF.1518 Perpetual Calendar Chronographic watch that took 8 years of making was sold to a private collector a few years ago. It definitely shows time, fellas.



Hold on readers you got it wrong. The B here doesn’t stands for big rather it stands for billion.

Isn’t it a huge amount to spend on a home for 3. Well wish that Mukesh Ambani could have the same idea in his mind. This rich and legendary businessman of India is also known for his 27 storey extra huge mansion with a two storey recreation centre, a 50 seat movie hall, indoor swimming pool and 3 inbuilt roof top helipads, when you prefer Air travelling.


Most Bizzare and outrageous spendings of billionaires • Wordhazard • billionaires 1

Of course, not everything the rich spend their money on is a pleasure. They have to pay bills taxes and oh yes, even divorce settlements. In the case of 1999 divorce of the billionaire Alec and Jocelyn Wildenstein, the original settlement came around to $2.5 billion, not including the $100 million checks that the lady got for the next 13 years.

5. $19,000 TO THE BARBER


Hasanal Bolkiah,  infamous Sultan of Brunei and also the proud recipient of what has the most expensive haircut in the world. The Sultan pays around $19,000 to fly to Brunei from London that’s around 7000 miles just for a quick snip from one lucky barber. But when you have enough money for it, why not!



Alwaleed Bin Talal is also an avid car enthusiast. The Saudi Prince has an impressive collection of around thirty-eight cars. His latest purchase of a diamond-encrusted Mercedes Benz set him back about $48,000,000. The one of a kind car is thought to be one of the most expensive and luxurious vehicles ever created, so you probably wouldn’t see the Prince taking it for a spin down to the local grocery store, would you?



Roman Abramovich isn’t your typical businessman, the investment company tycoon is also the owner of Chelsea Football Club. Just like most billionaires, Abramovich likes to spend his money on things that he can show off to the world. So when he purchased a mega yacht, Abramovich had to buy the largest private yacht in the world because, why not? Complete with the missile detection system and two helipads it’s no surprise this splurge set Abramovich back $450M.



The most expensive private jet and definitely the most exclusive plane on our list belongs to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. An ordinary Airbus A380 is the most expensive commercial aircraft selling at approximately $400 million this year. The lavish customization for the prince will raise that price to over $500 million. the so-called “Flying Palace’’ the new Airbus A380 which is expected to be delivered this year, is said to have a concert hall, a Turkish bath, a garage for a Rolls-Royce and even a prayer room with electronic mats which automatically rotate to face Mecca.

Written by: Tanmay Mishra

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