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Trust books? Trust readers! Here’s why they make the worthy lovers.


The musty smell, the habit of placing flowers, especially roses between the pages of books, all sound so romantic. For sure, the avid readers are equally Romantic and consequently the best partners, one can ever ask for.

Here are a few reasons to go through the perks of dating being a bibliophile.So tie your laces to visit the nearest reading store, who knows your soul-mate might be a bookworm.


Avid book readers are known to have as higher intelligence quotient .They have a considerably better and an open, cultured mind. Smart, witty and understanding. Won’t it be a major turn on for you?? They won’t forget your anniversaries and birthdate. Yes, readers have better memorizing power. Sudden twists and turns in the plots help their brain neurons form better connections everyday. So, no more fights over not remembering the particular date.

Richie rich??

They are financially more stable, since readers develop better personalities, good management and great conversing skills. Who would not want to hire such traits all in one?

Good listeners

Talk to them, and keep on talking, not only will they show real and complete interest but also do total justice with your emotions.

Keen observant


They tend to notice every little change, so don’t be too overwhelmed if they appreciate or bring in notice even that minute change in you.



Who would not want a perfect understanding partner? They can easily step into others’ shoes more easily. They tend to also see the world from the others’ perspective, this makes them calm, stress free and more lovable.


Silent people, especially men are a major turn on. Readers prefer being silent, observant, analyze and then react, hence making them lesser arrogant and angry.

Not felt head over heels for someone yet? Visit your nearest bookstore. Exciting offers await you!

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Sometimes a moody writer, sometimes it's all about being invariable. A vicar of my own thoughts, I try to weave memories into strings and gather a garland of words. Writing on social issues is my personal favorite but I also imbibe in the art of poetry. Doodling my way from soil to stars, I sketch sarcasm in the sarcastically possible way! All these amalgamated with my sense of writing provide a fine finish to my artistic skills.
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