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“Bravery is not dependent on gender.” The women in Indian Army never fail to prove this !!

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Patriotism and courage are something that we all have inherited in our blood. Being the proud citizens of India, it is obvious for us to get blown away by the sacrifices of the freedom fighters and army officers. Serving the nation till the last breath is the dream of every responsible citizen. Women are the epitome of patience and strength. They are no less than men in any field and their dedication is commendable.

Indian Armed Forces is much more dignified now when fathers in the country believe that “their daughters will serve in the Indian Armed, Navy or Air Force”. Sending only the son in the army is the stereotype that our daughters have broken. Women with the same patriotism and boiling blood, are willingly called the Nation’s Daughter.


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A strong woman, she belongs to a Punjabi family that moved to Saharanpur during the Partition. She became the first woman in India to don the second highest rank, Lieutenant General of Indian Armed Forces.

She was also dignified to hold the rank of Vice Admiral of Indian Navy. She was the first woman commandant of the Armed forces Medical College in 2004. Ranks come with extraordinary efforts and courage, and she proved it!


Honored as the First Woman Air Marshal of Indian Air Force, she became the first woman to complete her Defence Service Staff College course, to become an aviation medicine specialist, to conduct a scientific research at North Pole and the first woman promoted to the rank of Air Vice Marshal.

Also, she won the Vishisht Seva Medal for her extraordinary service during the 1971 Indo- Pak conflict. Isn’t that just so amazing for a woman to meet such heights !!


Lt. Col Mitali Madhumita became the first woman to receive the Sena Medal for gallantry, an honor given to soldiers for commendable courage during the operations in J&K and the northeast.

She was the first officer to reach the Indian Embassy in Kabul that was under attack by suicide bombers in 2010. Even after being unarmed, she managed to rescue 19 officers of the Army Training Team buried beneath the rubble and rushed them to the hospital. Who says women aren’t strong enough? They can win over enemies only with the belief they have in their abilities.


September 21, 1992 was the day when Priya Jhingan enrolled as 001- the First Lady Cadet to join the Indian Army. She was a law graduate and her dream to work in the Indian Army forced her to write a letter to the Army Chief. She had requested him to allow women in the Army and he approved to it a year later.

With this effort, Jhingan along with 24 women recruits began their journey in the Indian Army. When she retired she said, “It’s a dream that I’ve lived everyday for the last 10 years.”


She was just 21 when she beat 244 fellow cadets, both men and women to win the Best All-Round Cadet Award. She was also honored with the coveted Sword Of Honor, the highest award given to a Cadet of the officers training academy. She became the first woman to gain this honor in the history of Indian Army.

She also led an all-women contingent of 154 women officers and cadets during the Republic Day Parade in 2015. Women are the leaders, proved yet again by this girl with dedication and determination.


PRIYA SEMWAL-wordhazard
She recreated history by becoming the first Army Jawan’s wife. She joined the armed forces as an officer after her husband died. She is the wife of Naik Amit Sharma who died while serving in the 14 Rajput regiment in a counter insurgency operation near hilly Tawang in Arunanchal Pradesh in 2012.

She was shocked and broken at the same time. Yet she decided to gather her courage and take ahead the love her husband had for his country. She gleamed as the proud wife of a soldier who sacrificed his life for the nation. She joined the Indian Army into the Corps of Electrical and Mechanical engineering.

Go through the pages of honor and pride in the Indian Armed Forces. There are many women who have done exemplary work for the country. They followed the simple concept of Do or Die at every step. The nation that gave them the title of The Country’s Daughter and they don it proudly.

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