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Col. Purohit-Yes, one man can make a difference !

What many believed to be an ordinary day in Malegaon, Maharashtra turned out to be the last day for six innocent souls. An RDX charge carefully hidden inside an LML Freedom motorcycle blew off creating a massive shockwave. When the fireball went spiralling atop the city’s sky, the shellshocked people saw nothing but death. Dead, innocent people.

The bigger picture continued to elude the system until the Maharashtra Anti Terrorist Squad apprehended Sadhvi PragyaSingh Thakur and Lt. Colonel Shrikant Purohit, the latter being accused of providing the source of mayhem to the already sabotaged, crippled situation. Lt. Colonel Purohit was found guilty of providing RDX, secretly shipped from Kashmir to the already foul hands of Abhinav Bharat, who had the intentions of taking revenge on Jihadi activities taking place in the city.

The court passed a judgement stating Purohit guilty and henceforth sentenced him seven years of imprisonment. The loyal army officer stood behind bars for those dull seven years only to know that two more would be added to his account.
His torment came to an end on August 22, 2017 when he was finally given bail. Even then, he stated that his sole duty was to protect and serve the motherland despite all the odds. He wishes to see his children again. The army uniform, once adorned, becomes the part of a man’s soul, “it’s like the epidermis of my skin” he states.

Col. Purohit also stated that he was beaten by the ATS officers while in custody, one of the many gruesome reminders of police brutality these days. What really makes the heart sour is the mere sense of denial, denial which kept an honest man behind bars for nine years while he was sentenced for seven. Clearly it shows some of the flaws in the judiciary system. As a matter of fact, the ATS couldn’t find any evidence of RDX being shipped to Col. Purohit from Kashmir. All you need is a bunch of paid actors and a string of lies to strangulate the honest man who works for the betterment of his nation. Furthermore it has also been stated that his bail pass can be revoked which we don’t know is true or another of the prosecutor’s lies from his arsenal.

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Lt Col. Purohit was transferred to the intelligence wing due to his health issues, clearly that states he still wanted to serve at his fullest, but amidst the chaos, the crumbling situation crippled this man’s ambitions and kept him barred from performing his sole duty, the one he still keeps above his own family. If such an honest man can suffer the wrath of power misuse then we’re just a flock of sheep moving towards our own doom which is coldly decided by the ones in power. Had Col. Purohit not been imprisoned we could’ve stopped other attacks, yes one man can make a difference, but what happens when you blame the same man for treason who has been serving the nation all these years?
His conscience might tell him to stop believing in the idea of a fair and just world and keep a cold eye for every individual he sees. Obviously he took a serious toll, something which shall remain as a scar deep inside his skin.

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