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Come let’s date Lucknow! “Steal the hearts with some Shayarana Andaaz”


Exquisite creations craft the fabric up,
Etiquettes, emotions enshrine the nature first,
Exciting cuisines saccharine the saliva of lust,
Enchanting ghazals crave the music of trust.

Some beautiful paths are discovered while getting lost.

The Awadh city “Lucknow” is one of them. The resplendent history declares it ‘The Lakshmanpuri’, how blissful it is to have one’s birthplace as Lucknow! The ardent area contains revolutionary fight of the golden eagle ‘Begum Hazrat Mahal’ for the golden heritage. The city of beauty is situated on the shamanistic shore of Gomti with the enticing blend of both old and new ‘Lucknow’. It is commonly called ‘Northern Romantic Paris’ and ‘Dreaming Linguistic London’ in the arms of the ‘Babylon of India’.

 Noble Etiquettes

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The city allures love for its legacy of ‘Tehzeeb’ which boasts up the global vision. Courtesies and greetings here are bowed in the form of ‘PehleAap’ and ‘Adaab’ which canonize gleam.


Romancing History

Come let's date Lucknow! "Steal the hearts with some Shayarana Andaaz" • Wordhazard • Lucknow 1
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The faith in the myth of the origin is a suspense of the Lord Lakshman’s era. The Mughal dynasty afterward was the unique part of the revolutionary Awadhadventures. The places like ‘Residency’ are a refuge for young couples and a tourist attraction in the history of Begum’s city.

Tourist Leeways

Lucknow Tourist
The secrets of BhoolBhulaiya and the architectural touch of Rumi Darwaza are the epitomai of ethical cavings. The Lucknow Zoo is the perfect tourist spot. Asia’s largest park ‘Janeshwar Mishra Park’ enthralls environmental beauty on the other hand ‘Ambedkar Park’ splendors the scriptures.

Ganjing lights and Medley of Riverfront

The zeal and zest found on the streets of Hazaratganj till 2 A.M. are the best part of life here. The shopping malls swank with all the daily availabilities. The canopy of lights enchantress the soulful tone of Riverfront’s beauty and ardency of wind romances the Marine Drive’s charisma.

Chowk Chikankari

The town’s haberdashery weaves Chikan, the ethnic look of Lucknow. The nawabisherwani and bridal lehnga are the aromas of fabric here.

Toothsome Cuisine

Lucknow Food
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If you are a foodie, your love for food will only increase. The sophisticated taste of kebabs to the delicious Biryani, the ‘Chowk’sthandai’? Winters ring bells for ‘MalaiMakkhan’. Next stop is Tunday’s treat and the day’s end with ‘meetha pan’.

Proclivity of classical music and dance

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‘Awadhi Quawali’ makes your mood swing in the romantic rose of breathing to a soulful touch of loving tranquility. The Kathaktatkal and tihaayis is the famous dance form of Lucknow.

The seven reasons blossom as heart-wrenching to love Lucknow more.
If you haven’t visited Lucknow yet, what are you waiting for? Book the tickets and come on boar

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