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A cup of Chai to lift your spirit high!

A cup of Chai to lift your spirit high!

Prevention is better than cure!!

What can be a better cure than a hot aromatic cup of tea?

The ethos of the Indian cultural starts and ends at the sip of tea.

What a better friend other than ‘Chai’ can be?

Put down the saucer cups and mix up some chugging from those late nights summer studies to shivering winter eve.

The hot, creamy when touch saccharine dopamine, nurture serotonin slush to the tongue and cause mawkish jitterbugs.

‘Chai’ basically derived from the plant called ‘ Camellia Sinensis’ breeds the four major varieties, Ceylon Strong Black tea, Healthy Lipton Green Tea, Sweetish soothing White Milk Tea, a Classic saga of peppery Masala Oolong Tea. It is one of the oldest beverages and a cash crop found in India.

If sugar adds luster then tea leaves form chai’s aromatic life.

Here is some sachet mulch of uses that qualifies ‘Chai’ benefits:

1) Mind Booster

Chai-Mind Booster

The fragrance of the lemon tea alone is enough to make your senses come to life.

2) Muscles Endurance

Tea-Muscles Endurance
The catechin present in the green tea burns the fat as fuel and phytochemicals provide health benefits.

3) Reduces heart attacks

Tea-Reduces heart attacks
The soothing White caramel tea protects against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

4) Medicine for a cough and cold

Tea-Medicine for a cough and cold
Lavishly flavored chai with cardamom, Cinnamon, ginger, peppercorns, tulsi leaf releases pain in the throat.

‘A cup of tea and yet you are a cough free.’


5) Cures Depression and mental hazards

Tea-Cures Depression and mental hazards
Theanine is an amino acid present in the tea leaves helps in tranquilizing and relaxing the cerebrum and reduces the stress at hormonal levels.

6) Weight Loss

Tea-Weight Loss
The polyphenol and the ‘black dragon’ present in the green tea intensify the oxidation and increase metabolism. It helps in maintaining the circumference of our waist.

7) Skincare

Green tea reduces the sun damage. It beauty up the wrinkles and age marks.

8) Esophageal Cancer & Kidney Metabolism

Tea-Esophageal Cancer & Kidney Metabolism
Black tea provides a clenching aroma by killing the cancer cells and reduces the cancer bacteria. It develops a good excretory system, by proper functioning of the kidneys and urination.

9) Infantil to Rosebuds

Tea-Infantil to Rosebuds

Black tea also acts as a good fertilizer to grow up a healthy brewed rosebush.

10) Velvety Tea desserts

Tea-Velvety Tea desserts
The crunchy strawberry and vanilla liquor, toasted with Graham cracker saccharine moisture thetaste buds with the caffeine flavor providing energy.

‘Chai’ has the potential of keeping everyone going, no matter what the challenge is!

Are you a tea lover? If not! While reading this, the jittery will surely make you fall for it.

Don’t miss drinking a cup of tea, while you are reading it, Trust us, you’ll feel a way much better.

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