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The web series ‘Mirzapur’ has dominated on the internet with it’s spicy and witty dialogues. The viewers have praised every aspect of the series from cinematography to the plot and from the story to the performance of each actor. Most of the talking is done over the crisp dialogues of the series. They have ruled the memes on social media and every person is found speaking them often. It has been like a wind that has brought along much excitement and energy on the social media and among the viewer. They’re not just witty but also full of drama and a desi ascent that makes them more popular.
Karan Ansuman, the person who has written Mirzapur is to be appreciated for his thought process and this commendable output. Being a Mirzapur viewer, I can assure that anyone who hasn’t watched this series should definitely watch it now. Once you open the first episode, it is impossible to leave it mid-way. The entire credit goes to the intensity of the dialogues and the portrayal of those in the best possible way. One cannot resist from watching it all at once for it is worth every minute.

1: The Supreme Power of Mirzapur with a sharp sense of humor, this dialog is just the beginning.



2: This one clearly explains the mindset of a middle-class person and therefore is more intriguing.



3: This one was said by an intellect whose wittiness was even appreciated in the gangster world.



4: A businessman by profession but a Bahubali by nature, this one surely was full of confidence.



5: Many people have loved this one where helplessness has become an enjoyable experience.


6: Experience is all that matters and no better dialogue could have suited this


These were some of the very promising dialogues that were delivered on screen and won the hearts of millions.
Many of these have been trendy on the social media memes and the youth has even adapted it in their daily life. The dialogues of this series are etched in the hearts of people and definitely a favorite one for everybody’s tongue nowadays. People are waiting for the next season, obviously eager to know what that bag of dialogues will have for the audience.

Written by: Shivansh Mehrotra

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