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9 Quotes by Emma Watson: A Lady that Inspires


Emma Watson is a name that’s as well known in the East as it is in the West. When it comes to us millennials, who’ve grown up watching movies adapted from internationally bestselling books, a plethora of us have Harry Potter at the top of that list.
We bring to you a collection of quotes by our very own Hermione Granger, that proves she’s not only a global movie icon but also an inspiration to boys and girls alike:

That’s the confidence we all aspire for, don’t we?

Emma Watson Quotes

Of course, We aren’t Nutella

Emma Watson Quotes

Our generation really needs to realize this.

Emma Watson Quotes

Are you taking notes, boys? Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend.

Emma Watson Quotes

It indeed is scary, Emma Watson, letting unknown people get to you like that!

Emma Watson Quotes

*instantly stops clicking food pictures for Instagram*

Emma Watson Quotes


We promise too. It’s got nothing to do with the appearance.

Emma Watson Quotes

Gender is one of the many trivial things that constitute who we are. It doesn’t define who we should be and act like.

Emma Watson Quotes

A good thing to live by, y’all.

Emma Watson Quotes


When you look at the life trajectory of our dear Emma Watson, it tells you how beautifully she has blossomed into the person she is today. From the eleven-year-old Hermione to the adorable Sam helping a ‘wallflower’ to a reincarnation of the beloved princess Belle (she insisted on removing the plunging neckline from the classic costume!), she has set her own milestones and own Morale to lead the way. All we can do looking at these quotes is be inspired and go,

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Written by: Shriya Singh Rawat

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