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8 Interesting, Engrossing And Gripping Facts About Indian Politics


A country which is so diverse in cultures needs to be governed in the best manner possible right? Well, it might be an easy feast to pull off while on paper but when you’re talking about governing the second most populated country on the planet then things surely are going to get complicated. Here are 8 interesting facts about Indian politics which you should know:

The origin:

facts about indian politics

The Constitution of India became fully functional on 26th January 1950, well that might be a normal thing for the average reader but at the same time, it should be noted that the constitution was neither printed nor typed. It was all handwritten and contained 12 schedules and 48 articles. That’s quite long!


facts about indian politics

Forging the laws which would later govern the entire nation wasn’t an easy feast to pull off (well, that’s the second time “feast” is being used but duh!). It took a staggering 2 years, 11 months and 17 days to complete the constitution of India. Seriously who writes that much!

Numbers do matter:

facts about indian politics

When it comes to making it all the way to the upper or the lower houses of the Indian political scenario, the numbers do come into play. The constituencies decide the future of the candidate in Indian politics. The highest number of constituencies in India belongs to the state of Uttar Pradesh, now this state has got the highest Lok Sabha seats i.e. 80.


facts about indian politics

For the democracy to work with full transparency in India, here needs to be an opposing force which would in time question the things which may or may not be in the favor of the nation. That’s where the sition comes into play, the opposition’s job is to question the present government on their different policies and agendas. But as far as today’s political scene is concerned, it has become more of a blame game than ever before.

Counting bucks:

facts about indian politics

As per the previous General Elections of 2014, the cost of conducting an election of such a grand scale can be nearly a whopping Rs. 4000 crores. Wonder what we couldn’t buy with this money eh!

No puns intended:

facts about indian politics

Ever since the digital age dawned in India, people started expressing their views at an exponential rate. Politics found the digital platform to be a good tool as it would reach more and more masses than any other media form would. Opinion polls, pre-election analysis, even memes on the deeds of any political party or any individual from a dedicated party have been the mainstream source of entertainment. One would find a ton of memes on social media than regular serious stuff. Funny enough!


facts about indian politics

Yes, you read it right. Whenever the election fever pitches high enough, the folks fighting for the rightful throne start working on the ground level realities. They hold rallies every now and then addressing the people with promises which sometimes are fulfilled (a rare case) and sometimes………..meh! It has become a mere custom to which the people still cling their hopes. Pity though!

Winner-Winner expensive dinner:

facts about indian politics

That’s not the same chicken phrase from the one hit wonder PUBG. But the race to the rightful leader of the nation is surely a fun one to watch. It is just like a festival only this time it’s not about a God or any of the mythological evidences,it’s about the one who will be representing the nation on all fronts. And the winner gets the best dinner indeed; in this case the Prime Minister of the nation gets to chill out (if this justifies it) in the most luxurious fashion.

Indian political scene has seen its fair share of ups and downs. There have been both legendary as well as controversial faces which have represented the nation throughout the post-independence history. Being the largest democracy in the world, Indian politics does play an important role on the global scale as well. Let’s see what this election season has in store for us. Until then, farewell!

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