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Football Festival is here with a bang! Gear up for FIFA World Cup 2018

Yashdeep Bajpai




Today, when Russia takes on Saudi Arabia in the Russian capital of Moscow, the 21st World Cup tournament will officially be underway, heightening the excitement over the month-long football bonanza.

What is FIFA to the general masses?

The excitement among people is at peak at this point of time. Some are honest to goodness, revealing that they look forward to it even though they understand nothing about football. Most women planning to watch the game admit that their only interest in the month-long tournament is spotting attractive players.
Men, however, have dictated humorous rules to their partners. These include “no talking during the game”, “the remote control belongs to me for the month”, “you should not pass in front of the TV while I am watching the game, you better crawl” and “make sure you don’t ask silly questions like is this Chelsea versus England”.

FIFA World Cup 2018

The 21st FIFA World Cup, a quadrennial international football tournament will take place in European Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018.

Most Expensive Football Championship

The Russian government marked a budget of around $20 billion, later on budgeted at $ 11.8-14.0 Billion surpassing the cost of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil hereby setting the costliest the championship ever held.


The final tournament will involve 32 national teams. A total of 64 matches will be played in 12 venues located in 11 cities. The final will take place on 15 July at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

The selected teams include the smallest country by population — Iceland, to the first timer Nordic countries (Denmark, Iceland and Sweden) and four Arab nations (Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia).

Zabivaka — The Mascot

Zabivaka symbolies an anthropomorphic wolf dressed in the colors of the Russian national team. Zabivaka’s name is a Russian word which means “to strike”, he describes the traits of an aspiring football player who is “charming, confident and social”.

The Match Ball

The official match ball of the 2018 World Cup called “Telstar 18” that is based on the name and design of the first Adidas World Cup ball from 1970 (first introduced on 9 November 2017).

The Official Song

The official song of the tournament is “Live It Up”, with vocals from Will Smith, Nicky Jam and Era Istrefi, released on 25th May. The FIFA World Cup released Official Music Video on 8th June.

The Ceremony

The opening ceremony will be headlined by British pop icon Robbie Williams. The famous Russian soprano Aida Garifullina will join the artist on the stage. Apart from the two performers, Opera singer Placido Domingo, and Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Florez will also perform at the Opening Ceremony to give it a classical touch. Russian musicians, including pianist Denis Matsuev, global opera stars Anna Netrebko, Yusif Eivazov, Ildar Abdrazakov, and Albina Shagimuratova will also be a part of the extravaganza expected to have a live audience of over 80,000.

The final performance will include rendition of the official World Cup song titled Live It Up.

In the End — Chic Slogans

What do you need to win the World Cup? Guts, talent, ability to handle pressure, concentration, one heck of a kick or an inspirational slogan. Read on:


Be brave, be bold, Socceroos in green and gold


Red Devils on a mission


More than five stars, 200 million hearts


Together for a Dream


Small country, big dreams


One team, one dream – Serbia


Together we are invincible


The sun shines in Russia, the sky is all light blue


The past is glory, the present is history


Let’s write history together


Send us victorious


Fighting now Samurai blue!

And the most coolest of them all,


Go Poland!

(Not much of slogan writers I suppose…)

Prepare yourself for a football festival, get your slogans and choose your team. Because football maybe kicked by foot, but strikes goal in hearts!

” He who knows the fire that is within himself shall ascend unto the eternal fire and dwell in it eternal. ” -The Emerald Tablets A normal, unassuming college going ephebe who has a flair for searching bliss in Antiquity, generally in written form. Mythology, History, Indology, Cultural Anthropology, Architecture, Thoth in flesh and bones, a trivia buff always ready to learn and grow, firmly believes in -- if you want to change the masses for good, educe them instead of inducing them.

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Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the pillar of Indian politics quietly passed away.

Shatakshi Saxena




Atal Bihari Vajpayee: The man who lived life to the fullest, was a great politician, a teacher, a writer, a journalist and above all, a lover of humanity. His charismatic persona seems so fresh even today after his sudden demise. He was not just a politician who reframed Indian politics but was a legend. A legend who lived for people and was settled to spread love and togetherness. Born in 1924, he had witnessed the freedom struggle and the urge to make India the finest country reflected in his actions. He was someone even the opposition respected for his personality. An orator whose words and poetry never failed to strike a chord left silently without uttering a single word.

Atal Ji when spoke, people sat down to listen to the master’s thoughts and philosophies to life. Each of his speech and words still echoes in the ears of every Indian. He was an inspiration, a lively person who never failed to sound exemplary. His words, his thoughts, and his journey will live in each of India’s citizen. His dreams and visions for India will continue to motivate every generation. Let us take a road down the memory lane and realize the greatness of the legend.


It’s difficult to summarize his commendable journey in a few words. His early political career began in 1942 and continued till 1975. It was his skills as an orator and writer when Former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru predicted that Atal Ji would someday become the Prime Minister of India. He founded and established Bhartiya Janta Party as a National party. He pictured a fearless leader in 1996 upon his appointment as the Prime Minister of India. All his career, he fought for the right. He believed that there are differences in thoughts but there should never be any personal differences. 


It was under his jurisdiction that India performed their second nuclear test series at Pokhran. He did not fear the international powers and their pressure, for his first priority always remained India. It was under his jurisdiction that the Indian Army fearlessly fought Pakistan and won the Kargil War. Nothing feared him when it was about the betterment and safety of India. He was not a BJP leader but, the leader above all politics, for he truly served the nation.



The words “jhoojne ka mera iraada na tha, mod par milege iska waada na tha” still echo and motivate us. Atal ji wrote poetry about life, death, philosophy, happiness, love and what not! His poetry was as deep as an ocean and his words never failed to inspire us. He was a confident orator whose voice reflected the power and injected an energy in every citizen of India. He always had even the opposition hearing him silently for he always spoke beyond politics. If you ever heard him, his poems and voice always left everybody dumbstruck for the depth of his thoughts.



Atal Ji and LK Advani Ji were known as the Ram-Lakshman of Indian politics. They were not just political partners who worked for the growth of BJP but were an example of true friendship. A 65-year-old friendship today saw the loss of Ram. It doesn’t matter that he isn’t physically present today but this friendship will remain eternal in the books of Indian politics. They stood by each other in all the ups and downs and even today LK Advani ji stood beside his best friend. They made the party together, went to the prison together but how unfortunate Advani ji must have felt that he is the one left alone today.



Apart from a politician, he was a very heartwarming person. He was a lover of food, Indian music, and dance and loved to involve with people. He loved to live life, watch movies and always inspire people to stay happy. His persona was so positive that even a sad person ended up smiling. His gift of literature became his strength in politics. He loved to talk and his oration skills were par excellence. He had opposition parties but no one ever hated him. Atal ji was loved by all, for his soul was as pure as his words.  

There are very few people born like Atal Ji. The man who motivated people with his energetic speeches remains eternal. The man whose literature reflected life remains eternal. The man whom everyone loved for his pure soul remains eternal. Today, his eyes maybe shut but his words, charisma, oration, diplomacy, and humanity made him the purest soul ever born.

He was a rare gem awarded with the Bharat Ratna : his space can never be filled. His dreams will continue to inspire the country.

He was a politician but he will always be remembered as a positive, inspiring, poetic, full of life person. He was a rare gem and his space can never be filled. As he has always said :

“Mai jee bhar jeeyamai mann se marun

Laut kar aaungakooch se kyun darun.”


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Friendship gifts : Ten tingles to tackle this diamond friendship week.

Ameesha Saxena




“They wrap up my body with their opulence,
They cover up my brain with their cognizance.
We’ll bury up our casket of memories inside our graves,
Attach them with magnet and never let them clave.”

‘Friends’ play the best role in our life. Have you ever imagined the life without them? Pale, dark and ruined.

Friendship has the messy stupidity with cheerful reminiscence. This is the loud relation of those voiceless communication capturing the endless emotions. These are those colourful rides and 5 AM addiction.

Some bonds are unbreakable and yet this bond calls itself ‘Friendship’.

Friendship day serves the epitome dessert. Friends delight up in the forms of perfect and blissful memories. Some of these gifts glorify the odes to precious bonds.

Food dates


”Party?” Ever heard about this word. In every small reasons and happiness, we celebrate one. Food has always been a mere battle between health and tongue. We explore, we taste , we date. Yes! We date the flavours. The food aroma’s our life with its essence. The best gift cherished lifelong are these food dates. So this one tit-bit is wholeheartedly welcomed from my side this friendship day. Treat to taste and lick to grace.

Cuddling Cards


‘Hand fabricated love always regard the casket of foster endurance’ .

The hand-made cards cuddle up the packet of magical memories. With each passing day, they grow older and older. What remains is just that lucky femme fatale of intimacy. The craze and reaction by receiving this gift with purely packed love filters their heart.

Imperishable Friendship Locket


“Something close, something unique”, touches your soul down and deep. “Close to heart or Close to brain”, makes my presence always insane. This lucky charm I gift you as a souvenir of our friendship, protecting you from the life long hurdles and hardships.

Unfading Frame



The eros of treasure acquires a miracle to smile, to cherish up those unfaded goals planned together. The frame of friendship confines to a diamond coat to cover those heartily moments. This frame is a precious gift this friendship day enshrines to the spirit of our goals.

Witty Cats


Attention and wit acquires one’s humour. The pretty eyes reflecting cats are the spirit of the best friends who always stand as the backbone to one another. This symbol of giggling cheers to uncontrollable tears shows an emotional bond connected with strong despair.

Trust Time Togetherness


The only gift we need is the trust. More the trust, more the understanding. Best Friends never judge each other, they only agree what their friend has said. This is where that blooming trust adheres. Another gift they need is only a little time from the busy schedule to pour up all the dramas and pain.

This two precious presents keep them together. What all the best gift they want is the three T’s.

A travel trip together


‘Traveling with best buddies is unbound fun’. Why not make this fun real? Pack up the bags with clothes, snacks and beers. Make this summer friendship week memorable at the chilling Shimla icebergs.



We care , we love , we fight, we respect. This is the most faithful gift yet attained. It is the confined credence with the gleaming glory of assurance. They don’t want praises but only the dignified esteem of each other’s happiness. Perhaps, it’s the best gift a friend could hold.

Lifelong Promise


One makes promises and secrets to keep them. These are the situations we tangle with. They are not any burden or ruptures, but they are the endowment gained. These are not the pragmatic tackles but the realistic gift to life.

Bonding Books


The merriment and refreshment that cures the mind are the books. They not only bond the characters but also relate to the life. Our life is an open book in front of our friends. The pages read are just the life phases. ‘Gift your friend the best book to read and explore up their life.’

The ten perquisites serve as the attachment to affix the moments.On friendship day we tie the friendship band and celebrate the precious day with our friends. But do you know what’s the significance of this? The knots tied are the parole promises. These are the precious bonds the heart adores.

Come let’s tie up those knots of friendship for life.

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Lucknow: The ‘mast’ man is here with the best compilation of his humor. Get ready for a ‘Biswa coaster’ ride this 10th of August.





“Audience is God’s gift and, I work hard to keep up with them as long as I’m alive.”

Biswa Kalyan Rath is such a beauty! A sulky engineer and a multilingual thinker, an inspirational figure and a stand-up comedian, Biswa has played every role with pride. Actually, he’s more than just a commoner. 

Biswa’s early life was no less than a Columbus ride!

He graduated from IIT Kharagpur in Biotechnology, but humbly accepted that he was never acquainted with his major. On one of his social media accounts, he wrote that his CGPA was hopeless, he started with a 15k job, switched many work fields, even fought depression! 

He didn’t give up though. Worked hard, took up challenges, and look where he is today!

We love this man :’)

As weird as Biswa?


He is just so cool that people love him and hate him, but can’t just stay away from him. They’ve even created similes to honor him through figures of speech. This is huge!

His friends have confessed on social media that Biswa fought with his teachers and sided with his friends, given that they were right of course! 

Insults, deep insults. Even more insults.

A die-hard Biswa fan is crazy about the trademark ‘Biswa insults.’ There is no one, absolutely no one who didn’t face roasting at the hands of this man! He has some real talent for insulting others with such intense wits that it doesn’t seem like an insult anymore. 


Aye tatti, tera naam kya hai-biswa









active food biswa


uncles biswa

life lemmon biswa

9 to 5 job hai biswa

knight armor biswa

We’ll be afraid that the world can meet its doom but Biswa’s take on doomsday will make us roar with laughter. He can outrun God in a conversation to make his word as final. That’s the ‘Biswa charm’ that Lucknow will soon be absorbed in.

The Punchliners are bringing Biswa in our lovely Lucknow on this 10th August. He always has a different take on different places. Let’s see how this Mast Aadmi will spot the city of Nawabs.

Don’t wait and purchase the tickets or DM us for details. See You there!

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