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Friendship gifts : Ten tingles to tackle this diamond friendship week.


“They wrap up my body with their opulence,
They cover up my brain with their cognizance.
We’ll bury up our casket of memories inside our graves,
Attach them with magnet and never let them clave.”

‘Friends’ play the best role in our life. Have you ever imagined the life without them? Pale, dark and ruined.

Friendship has the messy stupidity with cheerful reminiscence. This is the loud relation of those voiceless communication capturing the endless emotions. These are those colourful rides and 5 AM addiction.

Some bonds are unbreakable and yet this bond calls itself ‘Friendship’.

Friendship day serves the epitome dessert. Friends delight up in the forms of perfect and blissful memories. Some of these gifts glorify the odes to precious bonds.

Food dates


”Party?” Ever heard about this word. In every small reasons and happiness, we celebrate one. Food has always been a mere battle between health and tongue. We explore, we taste , we date. Yes! We date the flavours. The food aroma’s our life with its essence. The best gift cherished lifelong are these food dates. So this one tit-bit is wholeheartedly welcomed from my side this friendship day. Treat to taste and lick to grace.

Cuddling Cards


‘Hand fabricated love always regard the casket of foster endurance’ .

The hand-made cards cuddle up the packet of magical memories. With each passing day, they grow older and older. What remains is just that lucky femme fatale of intimacy. The craze and reaction by receiving this gift with purely packed love filters their heart.

Imperishable Friendship Locket


“Something close, something unique”, touches your soul down and deep. “Close to heart or Close to brain”, makes my presence always insane. This lucky charm I gift you as a souvenir of our friendship, protecting you from the life long hurdles and hardships.

Unfading Frame



The eros of treasure acquires a miracle to smile, to cherish up those unfaded goals planned together. The frame of friendship confines to a diamond coat to cover those heartily moments. This frame is a precious gift this friendship day enshrines to the spirit of our goals.

Witty Cats


Attention and wit acquires one’s humour. The pretty eyes reflecting cats are the spirit of the best friends who always stand as the backbone to one another. This symbol of giggling cheers to uncontrollable tears shows an emotional bond connected with strong despair.

Trust Time Togetherness


The only gift we need is the trust. More the trust, more the understanding. Best Friends never judge each other, they only agree what their friend has said. This is where that blooming trust adheres. Another gift they need is only a little time from the busy schedule to pour up all the dramas and pain.

This two precious presents keep them together. What all the best gift they want is the three T’s.

A travel trip together


‘Traveling with best buddies is unbound fun’. Why not make this fun real? Pack up the bags with clothes, snacks and beers. Make this summer friendship week memorable at the chilling Shimla icebergs.



We care , we love , we fight, we respect. This is the most faithful gift yet attained. It is the confined credence with the gleaming glory of assurance. They don’t want praises but only the dignified esteem of each other’s happiness. Perhaps, it’s the best gift a friend could hold.

Lifelong Promise


One makes promises and secrets to keep them. These are the situations we tangle with. They are not any burden or ruptures, but they are the endowment gained. These are not the pragmatic tackles but the realistic gift to life.

Bonding Books


The merriment and refreshment that cures the mind are the books. They not only bond the characters but also relate to the life. Our life is an open book in front of our friends. The pages read are just the life phases. ‘Gift your friend the best book to read and explore up their life.’

The ten perquisites serve as the attachment to affix the moments.On friendship day we tie the friendship band and celebrate the precious day with our friends. But do you know what’s the significance of this? The knots tied are the parole promises. These are the precious bonds the heart adores.

Come let’s tie up those knots of friendship for life.

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The best way to deal with a  violent storm of emotions and imaginations is to pen it, soothe it, speak it.I sketch poems and your attraction is my reward. The skillful art of weaving words into stories is a blessing that I owe to almighty Thee. Many people write for fun, but for me writing is attachment, both with my soul and my readers. Mystique, Fiction, Exoticism, Radiance all rhyme to my work. It's never too late to start, in life and in Blogging! Passion defines living every moment and I've just begun to give in to passion.Streaming blood in body and inking silence in write-ups define me completely.
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