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From Masaan to Uri: Tracing the trajectory of Vicky Kaushal!


I’m probably saying this with heart eyes that it’s an absolute delight to watch Vicky Kaushal on the big screen.


Convincing us with mesmerizing performances that there is nothing he can’t do, Vicky Kaushal has been bending genres and our hearts since his breakthrough in 2015.

Taking the road less traveled, this outstanding actor was first noticed in an indie genre ‘Masaan’ (2015) and followed up to bag ten completely diverse roles all within a span of four years. From the lanky, simple college student experiencing love for the first time to a commander who leads his troupe on a mission, Kaushal has had us hooked each time (even in advertisements).


Here’s decoding the magic of Vicky Kaushal!

Unique Choices

Vicky-Kaushal-4After a long time in the movie industry here’s an actor with no defined comfort zone boundaries!

Just as we were getting bored of regular Bollywood recipe of hunky-dory ‘happily ever after’, it was fresh to watch Kaushal’s larger than the movie, multidimensional characters owning the big screen.


Rather than sticking to his image as ‘The Masaan guy’ he has evolved and treaded the uncharted waters to portray the complexity of a drug-addicted cop in Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016) or a commitment-phobe Vicky in Marmarziyaan(2018) to the courageous Major Vihan Shergill in Uri (2019).

He has unabashedly slayed them all (and gifted us with rather unusual terms his characters use, to insert in daily life. Remember Kamli’s ghapaghap?)

The ‘Vicky’ Element!

Vicky-Kaushal-5Remember the look of betrayal which flashed in Iqbal’s eyes when he stood at gun point in front of Sehmat?

You could almost feel the conflict raging within him.

Vicky-Kaushal-6Remember the shock which set in when Deepak realised Shaalu was dead?

It wasn’t only your heart which broke that day.

Above that, remember how goosebumps trailed your skin when Uri’s trailer came out?

There’s something about Kaushal’s acting which resonates with the viewers. It’s not just the heartwarming dialogues. You naturally come to appreciate how honestly he steps into the shoes of his characters. Keeping in mind the sublime facts, he makes everything about them turn real.


You’re left feeling helpless when Deepak says, ‘ Ye dukh kahe khatam nahi hota?’ But you didn’t realise the iota of relief which washed over when he cried because it escaped your mind how you too were stiffled like he was when he couldn’t express.  That’s how magical Vicky Kaushal is.

Treating imposters just the same


2018 was a bag of mix for Bollywood and Vicky Kaushal royally owned a fine share of it. Bagging commercial hits like Sanju and Raazi, fetching nominations and winning them, even starring in Netflix production like Lust Stories and Love per square foot.


But Kaushal’s graph has had its own ups and downs. Some movies despite being brilliant in their own way didn’t get as much recognition as they deserved like Zubaan (2015).

Despite that, we have an actor who still refuses to walk the beaten down path and believes in leaving his own trail.

In his own words, ‘Every film feels like a first film, and it should feel new.’

It shouldn’t come as  a surprise that Kaushal is synonymous to uniqueness.


Currently portraying Major Vihan Shergill in power packed Uri: The Surgical Strike, we’re waiting for the next avatar of this versatile actor!


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