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Ghost stories: All ‘shades’ are not always Grey, some are downright dark!


“Revenant, Rumours, Reflections scar the blood and breath of the myth hidden”.

All ‘shades’ are not always Grey, some are downright dark. What are these ‘shades’ according to you? The realistic, breathtaking incidents etch chilling folk tales. Yes, ghosts still exist.

The childhood grandma stories created spark and enlightened up the soul. On the other hand, to make us strong and fight from fears, there were some ‘ghost stories’ too.

Watching dim flashlight after the scary nightmares was the only reason to those midnight readings.

Thunderbolt thrilling nights, broken stairs, and stormy winds all enrolled the fearful atmosphere. ‘ I’m following you, I’m with you, I’m behind you, You just need to turn back.

Phantom screamed aloud, the voice echoed through the ears in shock. Some of the nerve-racking and spine-tingling ghost stories depicting eerie, spooky, beauty of fear are here.

The ghost tunnel tales


The village named Kushinagar tackle up the frightening tickles behind the tunnel.

From dawn to dusk, only one train travel through the same tunnel. ‘Tunnel has many traumatic ghost keepers’. The linkage of peepal tree to myths was one of their works. Legend says that killing people each day is a sin but no one noticed the reality behind the myth. The shrilling cry and the sound of ornaments still echo there at 3:33 A.M.

The tunnel keeper once saw the woman with long black hair, soaked in blood and a white fabric saree covering the body. She wanted him to help her to reach her destination. They kept on talking for hours. He felt something was wrong that nights as he noticed her legs.

The red keyhole


On a regular day, Pip went to his music class where he was learning to play the piano. He forgot that a day earlier, it was declared that the classes will remain close that day. Around seven in evening as he was walking down the steps of the house, he heard a melodious voice singing along with the instrumental music. That voice took him to the room which usually remained closed. Through the key hole, he saw a girl, dressed in white, playing the piano and singing. But, the strange thing was, why was the room barred?

Another day after his practice session, he waited till 7 o’clock. Again, the sweet and melodious voice tuned up his ears and he walked up to that room. Again, he peeped through the keyhole he found everything red.

The hidden suspense of the tail lies here. Actually, the girl was looking at him too through the keyhole.

‘The girl had the red eyes’.

The eerie of Chemistry lab


Mr. Vivek (Faculty at Chemistry department) and Aastha (A chemistry honours final year student) had a strong covalent bond between them. The extra classes study and romance in chemistry lab was the only reason for more life after death.

Being a hostler, she was usually the first girl to reach his class. Everything went well until the session that happened in Chemistry lab. The titration was at its level to pale pink. Who would have thought that pale pink colour soon changed to blood red? I’ll really kill you, Aastha — that cunning argument ended on this statement.

Chemistry lab is still closed up to date. It has been 12 days since then, Aastha as usual, enjoys the chemistry lectures.

That night, she had ice cream with Mr. Vivek in her senses. On 13th day, the chemistry lab was open. There, they found the body of Mr. Vivek smelling hard. But, the dilemma was even harder than the smell. With whom was Aastha the 12 days? Was it the wild spirit of Mr. Vivek whose voice always echoed “I’ll really kill you , Aastha”.

His lost drug


It was about a week after the death of his wife. Ravi used to sit beside the window of his house near the Ganga ghat. He heard the sound of the ornaments pulling him down. Due to the continuous rain, the atmosphere near the ghats was shivering creepy. He followed the voice of the ornaments but as he reached downstairs, the sound vanished. He thought that his wife was calling.

Again, the other day, he sat beside the window pane. Again, the sound of the ornaments took up to the banks of the ghats. This time it didn’t stop until Ravi was completely drowned. He saw his wife standing there and calling him out, “Come to my place”. His drug was none other than his dead wife.

Hospital Night


My grandmother was admitted in the hospital due to cardinal issues. Doctor, a day before, declared that she couldn’t walk due to the cardinal shock.  It was 15th of August, a year back. The hospital staff was on a leave. I and my mother remained whole night to take care of her. It was 2 AM and my eyes abruptly opened . Something shocking galloped my head. The door of the hospital room was open and my grandmother wasn’t on her bed. I followed the lane outside the hospital room to find her. My mother was still sleeping.

It was raining hard and the water drops covered the hospital lanes. I found a woman in the similar attire of my grandmother sitting and drinking tea. She offered me the tea to drink. I asked her ‘have you seen a woman of your age? she is missing. She is my grandmother.’ A voice echoed in my ear , “I’m behind you, girl.” As I looked behind I saw no one. The woman sitting beside to me was no more there. The only left was a cup of tea in my shivering hands.


Horrors and suspense, still brain wash our mind. “I’m behind you” in the night to “I’m following you” are still the creepy phrases unnerving the apt.

It excites the situation more. The dream thriller suspense that creates goosebumps are here daunted in the five ghost mysteries.

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