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Gully Boy: When the nation sings “Asli Hip Hop Se Milaye Hindustan Ko”


What according to you is the perfect plot for a heart-winning story? Raising this question in mind, today’s Hindi cinema is progressing more on creating a realistic plot for their viewers. “GULLY BOY” is the latest addition to this list. Just the trailer and songs have made everyone go crazy about the film. It is a real life story of a person who takes the journey from the scraps to the skies.


The film is based on the life of DIVINE, the rapper who has taken over everyone’s mind. It is the story of a young boy who lives in a gully with his parents on minimal income. It is the journey of his struggle, the phase of life when he realized that he needs to create his own rap songs and get identified as a successful one. He learns how to make correct use of his efforts, energy and rage. But a story can never end without a twist in story.
Like every other middle class stereotypical family, his family also disagrees for his career and forces him to regain his focus on studies. The trailer is energized by those Rap Songs “Apna Time Aayega and Asli Hip Hop”.


They seem to break all stereotypes and let the people believe in their dreams and efforts. Ranveer Singh has added his entire energy to the songs and Alia Bhatt has been tremendously loved for her witty dialogues. The trailer is a package of energy, rage and a lot more than all of it.
India has many such stories where a world known person has started from the scratch and is now on the seventh cloud of success. But some stories are still hidden somewhere in the underprivileged and impoverished areas, yet to be given a crest to their talents. The movie has portrayed the life journey of the famous rapper “DIVINE”. It was in one of his interviews he shared that he used to live with his grandmother where she would take him to church everyday and listening to all those carols he discovered his passion for writing.


His dreams got wings when he started his career as a underground rapper in 2011. His track “Yeh Mera Bombay ” was based on the real life stories and lives of those people who live in those raw and underground surroundings. His life again took a turn when his next song “ Mere Gully Mein” which was hugely shared on social medias, even by Bollywood celebs. He then never looked back and started a new world for himself where he got huge experience, success, recognition and fame.

The trailer and the songs have dominated the minds of people. It will ironically be the first Valentines Day where people will be better off for watching Gully Boy instead of anything else. That’s the magic it has created, it has actually brought back the concept of Asli Hip Hop to the industry. With the unique combination of Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, the trailer has being received with utmost love and excitement. So gear up to watch the Rap Film of the year, GULLY BOY.

Written by: Ayushi

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