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Happiest Birthday Narendra Modi Ji : To the man whose vision made our vision clearer about India


While everyone today is busy telling his achievements as the Prime Minister of India, I wish to tell what I feel when I look up to him as a charismatic persona. For others you might be just another Prime Minister of the country but for me Modi ji you are more than that. You foremost are a responsible citizen whose only motive is to serve the nation. You are the man who works on the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. When I say work, you actually follow their words and prove them reasonable. You have never been a politician but always above that to many in this country. You have been a ray of hope for every single person who sees India as a developed country whose culture is widely acknowledged. You have been the face of the youth for your words never fail to inspire us. From the Chief Minister pf Gujrat to the Prime Minister of India, your journey has been commendable. From Ache Din Aane Wale hain to Ache Din Aagaye, we realized what politics actually meant.


Your humbleness towards everything has made things easier in every way. People might mock you for those foreign trips but I believe, every trip had a meaning and a very important result to it. From the Rafale Deal to the Bullet Train, you proved your words right about making India technologically strong. It was you whose voice echoed on all international forums when people began to know the power of India as a country. Your foreign trips made the foreign powers praise our country. It were your constant efforts towards the economic growth that even the International Monetary Fund accepted the fact that India since 2014 has grown as an economy and will continue to do so if you remain in power.

The opposition might target your policies of Demonetization and GST : One Nation One Tax but we as citizens truly applaud your efforts. No Prime Minister in the history of Indian politics took such great steps to nourish the economy in just 4 years. It wasn’t easy for you to do all of it with India being the second largest population, but you did it so swiftly. People say you aren’t that secular but I rather feel is it really true ? You have never in these four years played politics on religion. While you were working towards women empowerment, you did that equally. All women have entrepreneurship opportunities open irrespective of their religion. Even the Muslim women had the right to talk about the ill practices they have because they knew you would do something. You did sir, you truly made all efforts for the Triple Talaq Bill to pass and we believe, it will be passed soon.

You made women an integral, inseparable part of the Indian Navy, Indian Army and Indian Air Force. Yes, it was under your jurisdiction that Section 377 was removed and the LGBTQ community today has the right to walk, love and live freely. Your vision of making India one with no discrimination brought us to witness this wondrous decision. I never feel it right to blame you for those crimes that happen in the remote areas of the country or even in the cities. You can control the nation and its policies but negativity will stop only when people begin to think like you. Changing policies is your responsibility but changing mentality is the society’s role.

Every one says, the Prime Minister never comments on LGBTQ, never talks about Hindu Muslim riots or never speaks much on anything. It is because you feel the essence of seeing the country move ahead. Somewhere deep down, we know you are happy with all those decisions in favor of humanity and the country. Your work speaks enough for you when I find electricity in every village I visit. Your work speaks when I see Swach Bharat Abhiyan turning out so successfully all over the country. Your work speaks through Beti Padhao Beti Bachao, Ujwala Yojna, Niti Aayog and what not. Your work speaks when a child of 10 and an experienced man of 60 says the same thing : Iss Baar Phir Se Modi Sarkar.

On your 68th birthday, we wish you the Happiest birthday ever sir. Thank you for being someone above politics. For being you completely, for being our Modi Ji who never fears anything. From meeting thousands of people and children on Independence Day to walking with Atal Ji as a son till the end without security, you told us what actually being Narendra Modi means. No matter what politics turns up to be in future, you will forever remain to be the most favorite.


Your admirer from the youth.

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