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Harry Potter Might Beat Pokemon at its own Game


There isn’t a single millennial that won’t be familiar with the two universes – Harry Potter and Pokemon. While one hails from the West and deals with magic, monsters, and wizards, the other began in the East and never failed to make kids go “gotta catch ‘em all!” – however, one thing’s for certain, both of them have created a magnanimous fanbase since the beginning of the new millenary, in the minds of young (and not so young) audiences.

Three years ago, Niantic, a game developer, launched something that took the gaming world by storm – Pokemon GO. Everywhere one looked, they could spot people glued to their phones, walking over to places with a high density of pokemons. It was so peculiar that people were crazy over it for about a year.

Harry Potter Might Beat Pokemon at its own Game • Wordhazard • harry potter 1

Anyone who had looked for little creatures using their phones back then can rejoice! Niantic has been in works with Warner Bros. (yes, the HP studio) to launch an augmented reality game, similar to Pokemon GO, called *drum rolls* Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Doesn’t that give you gooseflesh, Harry Potter fandom? Before we dive into details, though.. *swings wand*


It will be another RPG game with skill trees, brewing of potions, voice acting and the like. A few features will be very similar to the first AR game by Niantic, but a lot more shall be added. The main focus will be on the story though, unlike its forerunner (and why not, we have 7 books worth of stories). The player is a member of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, tasked with exploring the world
and looking for “Foundables” – characters, magical artefacts etc.


On the official site for the game, there’s already been an announcement. The game was originally set to launch in 2018, but looks like Potterverse needed a little more honing. The game is set to launch in the latter half of 2019, with both iOS and android versions to go with. If you look for it on Play Store, it already says “Coming Soon” but we all know, soon isn’t soon enough.
No one knows intrinsically, what the game holds, though that only adds to the excitement.


Regardless, thinking of how people will set out in search of wizards and other foundables soon, it will almost bring every Potterhead’s dream to reality, to summon Hogwarts to the real *cough* muggle world. Along with a solid sense of Déjà vu of course. Let’s dust-up the old boxes, take out the books and polish our wands. Until then,*takes out wand*


Written by: Shriya Singh Rawat

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