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Would you dare visit these 5 haunted places in Lucknow?


Lucknow or more specifically, “our” Lucknow is not only famous for its exquisite culture, royalty, sumptuous food stuff, beautiful chikan work, but also for those few places that can give chills down your spine. Yes, you read that right, several spooky and eerie incidents have come into limelight and we bring to you the 5 most haunted places in our very own Lucknow.

Bada Imambara

Bada Imambara-haunted lucknow
Famous for its extremely confusing mazes which can nearly eat up any person if he decides to explore the place without any guide. The main aim behind constructing the monument was to give employment to the people. Due to the major famine, the place encountered a number of deaths. The ghosts can still be seen in the mazes of the place. Many people who had entered the confusing maze and that too alone have never returned to their homes. Scary isn’t it?

Sikandra Bagh

Sikandra Bagh-haunted lucknow
According to the reports, the British died while taking the lives of 2300 Indian freedom fighters in Sikandra Bagh at the time of freedom movement of India. The Britishers did not let the family members do the last rites. The bodies of 2300 dead Indians were left to rot in open in the Sikandra Bagh until the vultures ate them up and the remains were left decomposed. Since then, the spirits haunt the place.


OEL HOUSE haunted lucknow
During the revolt of 1857 many British soldiers died and were thrown inside a well inside the OEL House. Ever since the ghosts and spirits of the dead soldiers have overtaken the OEL House. When V.C. of Lucknow was given OEL House as his residence, he and his family overlooked all the ghostly stories. His boy was throwing pebbles in the well while playing and soon his body was found mercilessly and mysteriously killed. Rumors are that spirits killed him.

Nirala Nagar

Nirala Nagar-lucknow lucknow
Spooky city, spooky colony!! Built in 1960 on the cremation ground. The property of the colony used to bear many graves until the human decided to settle here, and ghosts found a new place to own. People have noticed various freaky images disappearing in the air, the cries of the children at night. Moreover, it is also believed that whoever lives here has the curse of spirits of the dead.

Balrampur Hospital

Balrampur Hospital-haunted lucknow
Built on a graveyard, The spirits of people from graves haunt the place. Patients have reported the sound of footsteps being heard, strange noises of somebody knocking doors of their rooms and sudden cries being heard at night.

Muskariye aap lucknow mein hain, aur thoda dariye agar aap inn jagho par akele hai!! In

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