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What good is a festival without these “Famous Five” ?

What good is a festival without these "Famous Five" ? • Wordhazard • Food this diwali 1

Ironically, an eye contact with you makes the day memorable.
Adrenaline rushes , releasing dopamine, nurturing serotonin clicks to the tongue and provide therapy to the brain.
A little  bliss we found within a single bite , tastebuds performed jitterbugs synthesizing saliva of LUST’ .Yes! ‘LUSH of LUST’!
“If food is a culture, then sweets are its ethnic taste. ”
The aroma of festive season had already stepped in with the saccharine glace of festivities.
‘Unique Creation on Unique occasion’
What better an occasion than Indian festivals ?
Desserts are the ‘Epitome Highlights’ of an Indian festival. These sweets add ‘sugar of enthusiasm’ to the mood swings of variety of people .
As Candle light up the darkness,
Metaphorically, Expressions with confection add up the beauty of taste.
Grooming yourself with the latest fashion and visiting places on such occasions is  good but taking a sweet box adds flavour to the moments of togetherness . The ode to a colourful Rangoli adorns the house entrances. Similarly, the dessert fill the life with sweetness of passion and collect the peace of soul.
‘Every confection has a story to tell’, the best five cadburies are jammed up here.

1.Kaju Katli (“Cashew Crashing nuttiness Slice“)

Celebrations’ Demand!
The treacly milky texture with the fragrance of cardamom. The nuttiness shavings of cashews crashing between the teeth make it velvety rich.


2.Rasmalai (“Milk Overloaded Gravy“)

Jaan-e-diwali !
Indian festival without Rasmalai is as ‘Diwali without the bright lights’.
The juicy mouth watering balls, with a honey scented cloying flavours the spirit of festivities.


3.Kheer (“Cultural Religious Saga“)

Gil-e-firdaus !
The official “Bhog of Diwali Night”
Cuisine with rice pudding.
Soothingly scented Saffron and flavoured cardamom, connects nostrils.
Buttery Almonds, Cashews, pistachios salines the tongue.
Glacy savour satisfies the relishing charm of mouth.
‘Afters like this is heaven!’


4.Kalakand (“Milky Touch Carnival“)

Gift this anytime!
The soft , delicate bite with buttery granules which mingles with the dry fruits treats the tongue with sweetness and contrast the flavour of richness.


5.Chocolaty Modaks (“Cadbury Fillers”)

Constant confection every diwali!
The relishing taste of soft granules with  melting tang of chocolate adds ‘beauty to the beautiful’
Alluring taste giggles up the stomach to eat one more!

Chocolate Modaks

The ‘Famous Five’ will arouse goosebumps with the taste and lush to lick the tongue , nerves the hand to pick up as the sweet box opens!
It’s lush! It’s velvety! It’s delicious !(in a never ending tone.)

Designed by: DMS

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