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Here are some facts which reveal who truly SRK is!

shah rukh khan

From the iconic spreading arms to that chilling KKKKKKKKKKKKKKIRAN, he has never failed to amaze us. While most people claim to be his biggest fans, here are seven facts which commonwealth possibly don’t know, let’s get SSSSSSSSSSTARTED! SHALL WE?

1.He might not be the only star who has given us life-lessons, but the perfect one who has shown the worth of struggle.

Yes, Shah Rukh Khan. An expert in indoctrination, his intellectual way of taking challenges and understanding the ways of life has made him no less than a professor !


2.Wittiness level goes as high as a mountain peak!

You may, at anytime, go through his twitter account to see the level of humour he carries. There are ample instances when his answers to the live media have left their jaws dropped.

3.He has got three doctorate degrees.

Shah Rukh was conferred with the degree of Doctor Honoris Corsa from the University Chancellor HRH The Princess Royal in Edinburgh. He received the degree for his contribution to philanthropy, altruism as well as humanitarian as an actor.

He was also conferred with an honorary doctorate degree from Maulana Azad Urdu University in Hyderabad.
That’s a lot of doctorates for a lifetime!!

4. He has got a crater on moon named after him by NASA.

Shahrukh khan joined the ranks of eminent personalities like Nobel laureate C V Raman, father of the Indian space programme Vikram Sarabhai,etc after whom craters have been named.

The crater was given the honorary designation as the Crater S R Khan on the occasion of Mr. Khan’s 44th birthday on November 2, 2009.


5.He is a one-woman man.

Despite the religious differences, they are today are considered as the perfect couple. He married Gauri Khan , the only love of his life and today still proves to be the  best husband one can ever dream of.


6. Only Indian to be awarded by UNESCO for his charitable work.

He is a man of few words, a person who doesn’t boast about his charitable works, consequently he has been honoured for his all acts of kindness including donating huge amounts of money for cancer patients, children wards at hospitals, people having the least medical facilities.


7. Because he is Shahrukh Khan- The epitome of stardom.

Yes,you got that right, Shahrukh Khan has that dynamic personality which no one can beat.  The scintillating and glorious skills coupled with charisma, romance, generosity, the dream man for a million and  an inspiration for countless, the talismanic who carries the magical aura inside out. Everything prove why is he regarded as one of the best actors in the history of cinema.

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