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Knowledge In A Comic Book: Icon Books And The ‘Introducing’ Series

Knowledge In A Comic Book: Icon Books And The ‘Introducing’ Series • Wordhazard • books 1

Ever felt like Joey Tribbiani in your group of informed F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Ever wanted to know everything at once, but didn’t know where to start from? Then ‘Introducing: Graphic Guide’ series from Icon Books is perfect for you or anyone who has no time to spare but wants to know a lot from the fields of literature, movements, science, psychology, religions, major thinkers and so on.  This series started in the year 1992 preceded by the ‘For Beginners’ series and currently comprises of 107 volumes from Aesthetics to Einstein, from Holocaust to Romanticism and from Kafka to Zizek. Here are 5 reasons why you should grab them for your quick read, light read, and essentials:-



These books give a general overview without beating around the bush and repetitions of similar knowledge. Of course, there is no limit to know what all a topic comprises of, especially if it is a growing movement like Post-modernism, but these books to introduce you to the discipline and present a neutral standpoint. Instead of searching on various blogs and Wikipedia pages, you can get a conclusive idea about any area of knowledge from here.



The graphics component of these books is a definite add-on. From quirky caricatures to illustrations of theories, flowcharts, and pictures of the places and the people, the books have surely learned that ‘showing is more than telling’. The illustrations are honest, interactive and easy to follow, sometimes making it feel as if the author or various thinkers are speaking directly to us. Also, it ends the monotony that sets in once we are dealing with heavy subjects like Game Theory and Quantum Physics.  You will never get used to the illustration style because the artists are always new.

Simple Language:


You certainly do NOT need a dictionary to figure out the concepts. The language is simple, precise and self-explanatory. Keywords are often highlighted in Bold and additional meanings are provided through minimalist footnotes and appendix. The book, if taking any side, uses neutral language all the time and it is absolutely accurate. One can’t find grammatical or spelling errors at all, this shows a good editorial policy.

References and further reading:


One thing this series doesn’t do is spoon feeding; it gives you additional sources for further reading, and hence it propels you towards knowing more than what meets the eye. They mention all the books and sources they have referred to, which is good from a researcher’s point of view and allows for fact-checking.



The pricing are affordable and the content makes it worth the money. The books cost from anything between 225 to 299 rupees, which honestly is something we all are ready to spend on Netflix, Prime subscription to a good seat for ‘Avengers: End Game’. They are easily available on Amazon and bookstores like Landmark or Crossword.

And if this is not enough:

They have their own website, newsletter which can be signed up for free and their Instagram page updates us with new arrivals. Overall they have made non-fiction fun and they promote new writers and illustrators, a hopeful start for artists and learners. Joey may not share food, but a little bit of food for thought, everyone can. Hey, where is your copy?

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