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Indra Nooyi perfectly explains ‘Sky is not the limit’


“Growing up in India, I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to lead such an extraordinary company.” – Indra Nooyi

Epitome of class leadership, embodiment of real woman empowerment in India, homemaker as well as the first female CEO of PepsiCo Lt, Indra Nooyi is raising standards of class.

12 years after lifting the PepsiCo to new heights, the news of her stepping down from the post, though continuing as the chairwoman has definitely drawn everyone’s attention.

Here are few facts about her life, what made her and what let her make PepsiCo.


Brilliant since childhood



Indra Nooyi was an active kid right from her school. She played guitar in a band and was also a member of an all-girls’ cricket team.

In her layer years, she post graduated from IIM Madras and studied Management further at Yale.

Personal life


Indra Nooyi married Raj Nooyi, a Management Consultant of Indian origin. The couple has two daughters. Despite their hectic schedule they both are known to have prioritized their lives.

Success is all about setting priorities and she has done it right!

Success credits


Reminiscing about her childhood days, she quotes her mother as the greatest reason behind her leadership skills. She says, her mother instilled the passion and compassion to dream big and dare to achieve anything she desired.

Work experience



She has worked in number of companies and at prestigious posts.

Be it Johnson and Johnson, she was responsible for managing the introduction of sanitary pads in India, where women were very hesitant.

Later, Indra joined the Boston Consulting Group as a director of international corporate strategy projects.

At  Motorola, she worked as a senior executive in the automotive division development team.

She was also the senior vice president and director of corporate strategy and strategic marketing at Asea Brown Boveri (ABB).

And finally, Indra Nooyi reached the peak of success when she joined PepsiCo in 1994 as senior vice president of corporate strategy and development.

She delicately worked for the complete uplifting of the company. She made company invest more in making healthy snacks. Under her charge, PepsiCo’s acquisition of Tropicana and the merger with Quaker Oats, proved highly profitable to the company. The rest is history!

Indra Nooyi has proved that if they wish, then women can cross the barriers and shine brighter than the Sun.

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