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Kargil : Surviving the odds while forging in the fire

Harsh Chaturvedi




“Remember us”, even the almighty knows the true value of such heroism, maybe that’s one of the reasons why they were called upon the glorious kingdom atop heavens. To serve respectfully as Gods’ protectors. But who were they before their final posting? Mere humans?

I guess no words can do justice to the acts of valor which are about to unfold. It’s not just a story about men doing their duty, it’s their war cry, a song so powerful that it brings the most stern people to a point where they bow down to pay respects. The only reason why I am penning these lines is that my genesis (and the kids from the same era), coupled with the first year of my life was safe only because “they” sacrificed their lives on the line of duty.

Behold the legends of the 1999 Kargil War:-

Subedar Major Yogendra Singh Yadav(PVC)

Subedar Major Yogendra Singh Yadav participated in a daring mission which involved the capturing of Tiger Hill. Hailing from the unit, 18 Grenadiers, his task was setting up a rope line which would enable the other units in climbing atop the strategic position. However, the welcome wasn’t accompanied with party poppers as the first casualties were the platoon commander and two other brave souls. Sustaining bullet injuries, the Subedar lobbed a grenade inside the first bunker killing 4 Pakistani soldiers immediately.


What followed was a brutal hand to hand combat as Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav killed the enemies with a pick axe. Both the bunkers were then captured and the remaining units commenced their assault on the higher positions.

This heroic act made Subedar Yogendra recipient of the highest honor, ie. the Param Vir Chakra at a very young age of just 19.

Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey (PVC), Posthumous


On the night of July 3rd 1999, Lieutenant Manoj was clearing the enemy positions and recapturing Khalubar. The terrain wasn’t friendly, and so were the enemies. Devising a tactical response to the tough situation, Lieutenant quickly dispatched a team to attack the enemy position from the right side while joining the second team to do the same from the left.


Heavy small arms fire ensued following the capture of the first enemy position. Lieutenant Manoj killed 2 enemy personnel and charged for the second position, he devastated the second position as well, while charging towards the third position, the officer sustained bullet injuries in his shoulder and legs but refused to stay put.
The final blow to the enemy was delivered via a grenade which destroyed the fourth position as well.

However the fatal blast had injured the officer in the forehead, Lieutenant Manoj succumbed to his wounds but gave the Indian Army a major tactical advantage. He was awarded the Param Vir Chakra posthumously.

Captain Vikram Batra (PVC), Posthumous


War gives every soldier a nick name, something which the enemies remember in their worst nightmares. Captain Vikram Batra, also known as Sher Shah did possibly the hardest mission throughout the war, the capturing of points 5140 and 4875. While being debriefed about the line of attack, the, then Lieutenant, Batra chose the phrase “Yeh dil mange more”, a signal which would blare out on the radio if the mission was a successful one. And it was successful indeed, two companies namely Bravo and Delta attacked point 5140 from the east and south.


Under the cover of artillery fire, both the companies engaged in heavy fire from the enemy positions. Despite being wounded, the radio finally cracked to life and both the companies were heard saying their mission completion code names. Lieutenant Batra was then promoted to the rank of Captain, but there was no time to celebrate as point 4875 required immediate attention as well. The terrain was steep, one wrong step and the company could fall to certain death but with an officer like Vikram Batra, nothing was impossible for the Delta company.

They attacked in daylight which made it even more deadlier than before, a verbal war commenced between Captain Batra and the enemy personnel while taking cover behind a boulder. An angered Captain Btara plunged towards the enemy position and engaged in intense hand to hand combat in which he neutralized the final position, he was seriously injured.

Despite sustaining serious injuries, Captain Batra heard the plight of his junior and rushed into a heavy volley of fire. He grabbed the fallen comrade by the shoulders and began pulling him off the battlefield to a cover, but amidst the heavy volume of fire, Captain Batra got shot many times and the final blow came in the form of an RPG shrapnel. Seeing the officer dying on the battlefield enraged the company so much that they overran the remaining positions and slaughtered the enemy offensive.

For his courage and supreme sacrifice, Captain Vikram Batra gave his company, the victory over point 5140 and point 4875. He earned the Param Vir Chakra for his actions towards the war effort.

Rifleman Sanjay Kumar (PVC)


While the battle for point 4875 was seeing intense action from the 13 JAK Rifles, another part of this battle was the battle for the flat top point 4875, in the Mushkoh valley. Rifleman Sanjay volunteered for a scout patrol who worked in collecting intel on the enemy positions. Upon reaching the terrain, the company saw heavy fire from two enemy positions.


These positions were seen equipped with UMGs (Universal Machine Guns). While the company ducked for cover and awaited further orders, Rifleman Sanjay crawled towards the first position and took the enemy by surprise. He then engaged and killed the occupants of the first enemy position. Despite being wounded, the Rifleman grabbed the UMG left by the fleeing enemy personnel and turned it against their previous users, killing all the fleeing personnel.
Rifleman Sanjay then crawled up to the second enemy position, this time with the captured UMG, he took the enemy by surprise and cleared the second position while his UMG rattled. The most important aspect of this engagement was the fact that Rifleman Sanjay displayed utmost courage and bravery in the face of the enemy and was the only soldier who carried out the clearing of those two strategical positions. He earned the Param Vir Chakra for his actions.

The intense high altitude warfare came to a full stop on 26th July 1999. Operation Vijay was then declared a success. Indian army regained possession of Kargil and nearly 80-90% of the intruders were instantly cleared from the region.

Indian soldiers displaying the supreme dedication and love for the motherland not only encourages the people to do more but it also brings tears to the eyes of every man and woman who comes across the stories of legends like these.

Some of them aren’t alive among us, but their names still remain immortal.

The list of heroes isn’t just limited to the aforementioned names they also include:-

Captain Anuj Nayyar, 17 JAT Regiment, Mahavir Chakra, Posthumous


Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari, 18 Grenadiers, Mahavir Chakra, Posthumous


Captain Haneef-u-ddin, 11 Rajputana Rifles, Vir Chakra, Posthumous


Major Mariappan Saravana, 1 Bihar, Vir Chakra, Posthumous


Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja, Indian Air Force, Vir Chakra, Posthumous


Havildar Chuni Lal, 8 JAK LI, Vir Chakra


Remember the heroes, for their last breath gave us a reason to live. This nation will always call upon men like these and they will come, this time inside another human body maybe….

They say to feel something, you need to be there. Well in his case, he feels it well enough inside his grey matter. Versed in wars and thriller genres he can manage to portrayal of a soldier, a psychopath, and all the way back to a common guy who fights his inner demons every second. Get him in the mood and he'll spin a verse no matter what the circumstances might be because writing is his drug, which he doesn't want to escape.

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Gulzar : The art of weaving magic with words.

Shatakshi Saxena



“Ek taslim ko har baar meri aankh jhuki hai, aapko dekh ke badi der se meri saans ruki hai.”

This is how we feel when we read or listen to the eternal lines penned by the living legend, Gulzar Saab. His words are so intricately written, they never fail to make our heart skip a beat. Born as Sampooran Singh Kalra, he adopted Gulzar as his pen name. For so many years now he has excelled the art of Urdu and Hindi poetry.
He has always believed that nostalgia is the most important aspect for a writer. Even though nostalgia is distracting, he feels it and brings out the deepest thoughts to paper. If we talk about his genre, it is something uncountable. He has written for almost everything we usually wonder about. From “Aey zindagi gale laga le” to the patriotic “Aey watan, watan mere abaad rahe tu”, he has written about everything. Generations have loved to listen to his lines, for they are so full of realism and life.
Patriotism, love, heartbreak, life, relationships and even some item numbers: Gulzar saab has made them all feel so powerful. His love for words and expressions reflect in his work. His exquisite quotes have inspired many and still continue to remain the best. Here are some of his glorious works:











The man whose charisma reflects in his work has ruled Bollywood for ages. His personality in itself portrays a poet who has the honor of weaving most beautiful thoughts into words. There never was and can never be another Gulzar. He has given the industry the gift of unmatched literature.
When his words are given the beats of music, they become the most echoed songs of Bollywood. His poetry creates the magic that is absolutely soulful. Every soul feels the words written by Gulzar saab. His greatest possession as a poet has been the respect and connectivity people feel with him.
On his birthday today, Wordhazard pays tribute to the only unique man with an extraordinary art: Gulzar Saab.

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Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the pillar of Indian politics quietly passed away.

Shatakshi Saxena




Atal Bihari Vajpayee: The man who lived life to the fullest, was a great politician, a teacher, a writer, a journalist and above all, a lover of humanity. His charismatic persona seems so fresh even today after his sudden demise. He was not just a politician who reframed Indian politics but was a legend. A legend who lived for people and was settled to spread love and togetherness. Born in 1924, he had witnessed the freedom struggle and the urge to make India the finest country reflected in his actions. He was someone even the opposition respected for his personality. An orator whose words and poetry never failed to strike a chord left silently without uttering a single word.

Atal Ji when spoke, people sat down to listen to the master’s thoughts and philosophies to life. Each of his speech and words still echoes in the ears of every Indian. He was an inspiration, a lively person who never failed to sound exemplary. His words, his thoughts, and his journey will live in each of India’s citizen. His dreams and visions for India will continue to motivate every generation. Let us take a road down the memory lane and realize the greatness of the legend.


It’s difficult to summarize his commendable journey in a few words. His early political career began in 1942 and continued till 1975. It was his skills as an orator and writer when Former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru predicted that Atal Ji would someday become the Prime Minister of India. He founded and established Bhartiya Janta Party as a National party. He pictured a fearless leader in 1996 upon his appointment as the Prime Minister of India. All his career, he fought for the right. He believed that there are differences in thoughts but there should never be any personal differences. 


It was under his jurisdiction that India performed their second nuclear test series at Pokhran. He did not fear the international powers and their pressure, for his first priority always remained India. It was under his jurisdiction that the Indian Army fearlessly fought Pakistan and won the Kargil War. Nothing feared him when it was about the betterment and safety of India. He was not a BJP leader but, the leader above all politics, for he truly served the nation.



The words “jhoojne ka mera iraada na tha, mod par milege iska waada na tha” still echo and motivate us. Atal ji wrote poetry about life, death, philosophy, happiness, love and what not! His poetry was as deep as an ocean and his words never failed to inspire us. He was a confident orator whose voice reflected the power and injected an energy in every citizen of India. He always had even the opposition hearing him silently for he always spoke beyond politics. If you ever heard him, his poems and voice always left everybody dumbstruck for the depth of his thoughts.



Atal Ji and LK Advani Ji were known as the Ram-Lakshman of Indian politics. They were not just political partners who worked for the growth of BJP but were an example of true friendship. A 65-year-old friendship today saw the loss of Ram. It doesn’t matter that he isn’t physically present today but this friendship will remain eternal in the books of Indian politics. They stood by each other in all the ups and downs and even today LK Advani ji stood beside his best friend. They made the party together, went to the prison together but how unfortunate Advani ji must have felt that he is the one left alone today.



Apart from a politician, he was a very heartwarming person. He was a lover of food, Indian music, and dance and loved to involve with people. He loved to live life, watch movies and always inspire people to stay happy. His persona was so positive that even a sad person ended up smiling. His gift of literature became his strength in politics. He loved to talk and his oration skills were par excellence. He had opposition parties but no one ever hated him. Atal ji was loved by all, for his soul was as pure as his words.  

There are very few people born like Atal Ji. The man who motivated people with his energetic speeches remains eternal. The man whose literature reflected life remains eternal. The man whom everyone loved for his pure soul remains eternal. Today, his eyes maybe shut but his words, charisma, oration, diplomacy, and humanity made him the purest soul ever born.

He was a rare gem awarded with the Bharat Ratna : his space can never be filled. His dreams will continue to inspire the country.

He was a politician but he will always be remembered as a positive, inspiring, poetic, full of life person. He was a rare gem and his space can never be filled. As he has always said :

“Mai jee bhar jeeyamai mann se marun

Laut kar aaungakooch se kyun darun.”


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Follow these success ‘mantras’ given by famous entrepreneurs and nail your goals!

Aishwarya Bhat



Inspiration, motivation, dedication and discipline are few main factors necessary for leading a successful startup. At times, situations arise where one feels lack of the driving force, when continuous failures hit and you see just the dead end. That’s the right point and right time where you need to go through few life-savouring lines, quoted by the successful entrepreneurs. And success is all yours to claim!
jack-dorsey quotes
jeff-bezos quotes
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alexa-von-tobel quotes
Dave-Thomas quotes
There’s no end to the list of motivational thoughts, about all the successful startups. At the end, it’s your zeal and the effort within you, that will keep your determination high and lead you to success.
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Gulzar : The art of weaving magic with words.

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