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Kavish Seth is here to tell why Hindustani music is the new cool!


“Every time we do a music, we realise why we do music !”
-Kavish Seth


Here’s what an IIT graduate turned Indie Singer has to tell about the quintessence of real music.

How and why is he wandering, and for what reasons did he leave the comforts his life could have been full of. Let’s take a dig.

WH: What does music mean to you?

Kavish Seth: Music is purely and entirely, a state of mind. To be honest, you cannot really describe what it actually means. It is a sacred journey from scratch to reach that vivid state. Also, it is a highly ordered activity. Music cannot be limited to just notes, all that matters here are the efforts you put in. The discipline and dedication you give to your instrument, and your voice, all help you become more efficient.


WH: Being an IIT graduate, how did music happen?

Kavish Seth: After passing the entrance exam, the three-month gap before the college would begin, was when the magic happened. I just picked up my guitar and gradually started feeling the real essence of music. Then and there, music became my passion. It has helped me in expressing the inner thoughts and the free music gave me, made me feel its piousness.
Also, there was a time when I was about to leave my graduation in my 3rd year in search of true music. But sudden demise of my father and some situations made me complete my studies. Being in IIT brought in a refreshing change. I used every possible resource I could.


WH: What were your motivations?

Kavish Seth: Well, to answer this, I will say, I was neither motivated nor demotivated. Fortunately, I grew up in a family where I was always told to be independent. That I should create my own resources and do anything I wanted. My family believed in me. That’s one major reason that today, I am able to explore things.


WH: How will you describe your mom, Kavita Seth ji’s role in your life?

Kavish Seth: My mom despite being a star, was always the same. Her stardom never affected our lives in a negative way.


WH: Your initiative Zubaan! Could you please brief about this?

Kavish Seth: Zubaan is an initiative where we collaborate with various Hindustani music artists and compose totally Hindustani songs. Our main objective is to popularize real Indie music, seeing how people are forgetting about our vivid heritage in the fields of music. We aspire to bring the lost charm into the limelight. We travel every possible place and do every possible effort.

One of the very reasons why I don’t wish to enter Bollywood ever is that the place is parasitic. Music can only be successful if it is reproducible. When you can get the music live and that too with perfection, it is where the composing and singing begins to be a success.

In the time where everyone rushes to follow and set trends, intelligent are those who seek for gold in the old. Being Indie is being proud. And practicing that makes you even more proud. Valuing our own heritage first should be our duty. Be it in any form — Art, music, writing etc.

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