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Kdramas Alert! For the crazy Kdrama fans as well as newbies, here’s the list that you need to rock.


Getting into Korean television series is like going down the rabbit hole. Mind boggling and crisply scripted plots capturing minute details, delivering heart-tugging dialogues without any incessant drag, Kdramas are vibrant and engaging to the core. Did I mention the actors are just gorgeous?

If they have piqued your interest, here’s a rather unconventional list of Kdramas you shouldn’t miss!


10) Tempted/ The Great Seducer:


Genre: Thriller/ Melodrama

This twisted tale of seduction, betrayal, haunting pasts and ultimately revenge revolves around three friends Choi Soo-Ji, Kwon Shi-Hyun and Lee Se-Joo, who place each other before anything in the world and their bet regarding Eun Tae-hee, a headstrong girl with absolutely no room for love in her life.
Poignant and stirring at the same time, watch as these kids write their own tragedies.

9) Faith/ The Great Doctor


Genre: Fantasy/ Historical Fusion

If you haven’t seen a Lee Min-ho drama yet, what are you even doing?
A present era plastic surgeon Yoo Eun-Soo is abducted and dragged to Goryeo era by the royal guard Choi Young. Boy, she definitely doesn’t appreciate it.
Narrated with animated flashbacks, Faith bends time, nearly makes your heart jump out of the ribcage, leaves you baffled, conflicted and feeling with the twisted politics, soulful dialogues and romance! Wouldn’t want to miss this one right?

8) The Master’s Sun

The Master's SunGenre: Horror/ Mystery

A rather unusual drama which pulls you in from the very first minute. After an accident which left her with an ability to see ghosts, Tae Gong-shil finds her savior in the cold-hearted, greedy CEO Joo Joong-won. Only he isn’t too happy to help.
Each episode will send chills down the spine if you’re a scaredy cat like me, if not then stay for the mystery and the adorable bickerings.

7) Healer


Genre: Action/ Romance

There is more to the story than what meets the eye. Be a little patient with Healer as it explores an old mystery and it’s after effects in the present scenario involving three individuals, a news reporter Chae Young-shin, a journalist Kim Moon-ho and an illegal night courier under the code name ‘Healer’.
Ji Chang-Wook (Healer) swiftly steals our hearts while jumping rooftops, bashing enemies and looking effortlessly cool. Take up this drama and you’re in for one epic ride!

6) W: Two Worlds

W: Two Worlds

Genre: Supernatural Gothic/ Romance

There is just so much going in W that it gets difficult to wrap your mind around it coherently. You may want to keep notes and yet it stays unpredictable to the very end.
Watch as our leads Oh Yeon-Joo and Kang Chul defy the rules of dimensions and logic in this fast-paced series, traveling between fictional and real worlds to solve a dark mystery and catch a cold-blooded murderer before it’s too late.

5) Descendants Of The Sun

Descendants Of The Sun

Genre: Action/ Romance

DOTS is an award-winning 16 episodes long, riveting drama which offers everything from action to nail-biting thrill to knee-weakening romance and tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, drawing you in with a magnetic force.
With music that makes your heart leap, DOTS tells the story of the witty Special Forces Unit Captain Yoo Si-Jin and a no-nonsense cardiothoracic doctor Kang Mo-Yeon, how they found love after a comical series of misunderstandings and how they sustained it amidst the chaos of natural disasters when their duties called.

4) Signal


Genre: Drama/ Thriller.

‘The past can be changed’

Brace yourselves cause this drama is the bomb!
With plot which will linger in your mind this intricately knitted drama revolves around the collided timelines of a Lee Jae Han, a detective from the year 2000 and Park Hae-young, a cold case profiler from 2015. Can the clues from past stop the crimes from ever happening?

In this pure adrenaline rush, don’t expect the usual!

 3) Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Genre: Coming-of-age/ Sports

With a grin plastered on your face, watch the snarky, upbeat college athletes Kim Bok-Joo and co. experiencing heartbreaks and getting over them, pursuing their dreams, overcoming inhibitions, standing up for and with each other all the way surviving heavy competition for the Olympics.
Fairy casts a spell with it’s butterflies-in-stomach kind of romance between rooted characters you can relate to, dialogues to tickle you in a silly place, cheerful BG music, fresh vibes and a heartwarming message for everyone with self-doubt.

2) Guardian: The Lonely and Great God/ Goblin.


Genre: Fantasy/Romance

‘He is water, fire, and wind, and also light and dark. And once, he was human.’

An unforgettable event turns Kim Shin into an immortal god. Searching for his bride to help him end his life, he receives a massive shock when she turns out to be a highschooler on sardonic grim reaper’s deathlist.
Interwining four lives this spellbinding drama warms your heart as it proceeds to crush it the very next moment!
This Kdrama is everything and so much more!

1) Reply 1988/ Answer Me 1988


Genre: Family/ Comedy/Romance

‘The year was 1988, a time when it was chilly, but our hearts were fiery, a time when we didn’t have much but people’s hearts were warm’

Let’s take a stroll down the nostalgia lane as Sung Deuk-seun narrates the journey of five friends and their families. Transporting us back to the 80s, this directorial genius is an amalgamation of vicissitudes faced by a common man and the cliques, clichés, rebels we go through in teenage and how life sorts itself out in the end. With enormous pleasant feels, watching this drama is like sitting beside the fireplace on a chilly evening. It’s a treat!

Giving you second lead syndromes, making you shed some tears, leaving you agape with incredulity these were my top 10 Kdramas until I find my next obsession!

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