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K-Dialogues: Chicken Soup for the Soul



Seems like the Hallyu wave has swept you off your feet too, but then… can you complain?

It’s funny how swiftly, nuances of Korean culture entered our mainstream life and before we knew it, ‘Thank you’ was replaced with ‘Kahmsamnida’ or ‘Gomawo’, Sorry’ with ‘Mian- nae’, ‘Good Luck!’ with the very energetic and animated ‘Hwaiting!’ or ‘Fighting!’

But apart from interesting additions to our vocab, we have something else to thank K-dramas for –the superbly written, wittily portrayed, speaking-to-the-soul-kind of dialogues and lines!
Almost every drama you watch has a character so relatable that you would wanna cry furiously or laugh and nod every two seconds and ultimately realize that you need to book tickets to South Korea ASAP!

Here are some dorky, dark, beautiful, making-you-delve-deeply-into-your-thoughts-type dialogues which yours truly had a hard time picking from the treasure trove of dramaland-

A big fat dose of motivation for ya!

Korean Drama quotes

Something each of us have probably been screaming silently.

korean drama quotes 2

What else can you expect from a haughty, powerless albeit gorgeous Water God apart from the truth which has been staring at us in the face from a long time? Happy Realisation!

Korean drama quotes 3

Something about this dialogue just stays with you for a long, long time like the warmth of hot chocolate.

Korean drama quotes 4

Who’s cutting them onions? ;-;

korean drama quotes 5

A note to self!

K-Dialogues: Chicken Soup for the Soul • Wordhazard • dialogues 1

Been there? You’re not the only one.

Fiction, dialogues, stories in head, watching a person onscreen say what you needed to hear soothes your soul like nothing else. Despite the popular belief of dramas being cringy and too sweet for someone’s taste, you may find life-changing gems in the dramaverse. It all depends on what you are seeking!

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